Construction and Fabrication of Government Projects

One of the government’s most critical physical roles is to provide the infrastructure and services that make our daily way of life possible.


Construction and Fabrication of Government Projects

One of the government’s most critical physical roles is to provide the infrastructure and services that make our daily way of life possible. Through these efforts the government is a major source of job creation and the advancement of technology, as well as a huge stimulator of the economy. Because the government is also funded by taxpayer money, it must operate according to very specific, stringent requirements. STI Group understands this and strives to meet all needs and requirements so that we can provide exemplary service in the construction of government facilities and government funded energy projects.

STI Group Builds Government Facilities

STI Group is a leading service provider of EPC services for government facilities and industrial projects. We build and service government facilities including wastewater treatment plants, power plants, landfills, and related infrastructure. Our experienced project managers, our rich network of suppliers and vendors, and our dedicated staff of expert craftsmen and welders provide unparalleled construction and industrial services.

STI Group’s Experience with Government Projects

STI Group is very experienced in the bidding and execution of government projects and facilities construction. The bidding system is a hallmark of the nature of doing business with the government because it helps ensure that taxpayers get the best price and value for their money. STI Group understands the importance of bidding for government contracts. We are experienced in the process and meticulously follow all steps and requirements to get our bids in place.

Another important element of handling a government project is thorough documentation. It is important that all aspects of the facility construction be carefully and fully documented. This helps ensure that no regulations or laws are being broken and it allows any problem spots to be recognized and rectified. STI Group knows the importance of thorough documentation when working on government facilities and is experienced at providing the necessary information.

Following Government Standards and Regulations

Just about all government projects are heavily regulated. This can be seen by some companies as a bureaucratic burden, but STI Group knows that these strict regulations and standards are in place to ensure the quality of the finished product and to make sure that no ethics are compromised along the way. These two values are something that STI Group can strongly relate to. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of quality and we have designed quality testing systems to ensure that only the best products and equipment come out of our facilities. We are also NCCER certified and have earned ASME’s “U” and “S” stamps in accordance with our high standards of construction and engineering.

When it comes to integrity and corporate responsibility these qualities are at the core of STI Group’s business practices. We are committed to meeting or exceeding all government standards and regulations.

OSHA and Safety Standards

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) sets safety standards for the workplace. Naturally this means that any and all government projects must be beyond question in terms of their safety and compliance with OSHA. Safety is something that STI Group vehemently believes in for all of its projects and operations, not just the ones that are government related. We have developed a rigorous, industry-leading safety program we refers to as “The 13 Pillars of Safety” and it is fully in compliance with OSHA standards.

STI Group’s wide and varied experience in the construction and servicing of industrial facilities positions it as an excellent resource for government projects. We are constantly innovating, embracing advanced construction and engineering projects, and implementing new technology. Through our partnership with the government these positive qualities will be reflected in all of our work.