Oil & Gas Transmission

The oil and gas industry is booming with more and more rigs and production sites producing in the upstream sector.


Oil & Gas Transmission

The oil and gas industry is booming with more and more rigs and production sites producing in the upstream sector. Meanwhile the downstream sector is also booming as refineries and industrial plants benefit from this new abundance of oil and gas. As these trends continue the midstream sector with its oil and gas transmission facilities and pipelines becomes even more critical as the connector of these bustling industries. STI Group assists with oil and gas transmission with our fabrication and construction options.

STI Group’s Construction Services

STI Group offers industry-leading construction and installation services for oil and gas transmission facilities such as compressor stations, pipeline construction, and PIG Launchers and Receivers. Our project managers have the experience to deliver oil and gas projects on time and within budget. We will also act as a single point of contact for all general contracting industrial services, saving you time and convenience by handling all necessary logistics.

STI Group’s Fabrication Services

STI Group also serves the oil and gas transmission industry with state-of-the-art turnkey, modular fabrication of parts, equipment, and process skids. Our facilities are located in multiple states across the nation for maximum customer convenience. This allows us to have an active presence right in the heart of major US oil and gas plays where our customers most need us. These fabrication facilities feature hundreds of thousands of square feet of workspace, giving us the capacity to deliver on big and small oil and gas construction projects.

We have been leaders in innovation and have embraced advanced and emerging technologies in construction and fabrication. This, combined with our highly-efficient, carefully optimized modular fabrication process, allows us to deliver the unbeatable quality our customers have come to expect from us while keeping our costs down and our timeline quick.

STI Group’s fabrication services is overseen and performed by expert craftsmen, welders, and workers with expertise who are NCCER and ASME certified. This in conjunction with our rigorous quality assurance and quality control measures, allows us to closely monitor the quality of output at each of our fabrication sites.

The turnkey nature of our goods also ensures that it can be delivered, assembled, and installed quickly and effectively. This keeps disruption of customer worksites to a minimum. It also allows our customers to get their oil and gas transmission facilities up and running faster than more traditional options.

STI Group’s Integrated Approach to Oil and Gas Transmission

STI Group is able to deliver even more value to customers thanks to our integrated approach to serving oil and gas transmission clients with pipeline projects. Because we are able to construct the transmission facilities and fabricate the piping and equipment, we are able to act as a single point of contact.

STI Group’s Mastery in Pipe Transport

Pipe transport is at the heart of the oil and gas industry, and STI Group excels at it. Our top-tier pipelines, constructed with precision-engineered pipe sections, guarantee durability and efficiency. With our meticulous site preparation and construction practices, we set the gold standard in transport systems.

STI Group Delivers Safety

Safety is at the core of everything we do. Our comprehensive safety program includes:

  • Daily “fit for duty” assessments.
  • Regular site audits, job safety analyses, and pre-job safety walkthroughs.
  • Strict adherence to OSHA standards.
  • Continuous supervisor safety training.
  • Rigorous vendor qualification ensures the use of only the safest materials and equipment.

Natural Gas Solutions with STI Group

Choose natural gas for a sustainable future, and choose STI Group for unmatched expertise in gas construction. Our advanced techniques and streamlined gas construction projects ensure minimal environmental impact while maximizing efficiency, setting us apart in the industry.

Elevate Your Operations with Our Advanced Platform Structures

Experience the next generation of new platform structures with STI Group. Our offshore engineering marvels, backed by expert engineering partners and cutting-edge auxiliary equipment, redefine oil and gas extraction standards.

STI Group’s Experience in the Oil and Gas Transmission Industry

Experience and industry knowledge are the foundation of a successful fabrication and construction services company. STI Group has been serving the oil and gas industry, including gas extraction and pipeline integrity, for over three decades. We are not only actively involved with the oil and gas projects in the transmission sector but also the upstream and downstream sectors. This allows us to see the full picture and provides us with a strong foundation and a wealth of experience to draw on when serving the transmission industry.

STI Group has also cultivated a strong network of industrial resources, including engineering partners, an expertly trained team, state-of-the-art technology and facilities, a strong working relationship with customers and vendors, and a commitment to integrity and corporate responsibility. These resources and values allow us to bring unparalleled value to our oil and gas transmission clients.