The need for high capacity refineries has ballooned in recent years as the oil and gas sector has experienced a massive boom in production.



The need for high capacity refineries has ballooned in recent years as the oil and gas sector has experienced a massive boom in production. STI Group recognizes this need and is dedicated to supporting the refining industry with a full spectrum of industrial services.

Fabrication for the Refining Industry

One of the main ways we serve the refining industry is by providing high quality, turnkey fabrication of the products and equipment refineries need to operate. Our professional fabrication facilitates a quick and easy installation and minimizes downtime and disruption at the refinery.

Modular and skid-based infrastructure can increase production and decrease typical timelines for refining processes. This translates into completing the same job with more output in less time. STI Group utilizes NCCER certified craftsmen and welders who are highly experienced and well trained, producing consistently high quality results.

Maintenance, Upgrades, and Retrofits

STI Group also provides maintenance and service options for existing machinery and equipment. When a unit needs to be completely replaced or upgraded we are also up to the task. Our goal is to help our refining customers keep their facilities running smoothly and efficiently so that they can minimize downtime and maximize productivity.

STI Group’s Turnaround Services

Turnarounds are crucial in the refining industry because they allow the opportunity to do major maintenance, upgrades, and system checks that simply aren’t possible while the refinery is operating. However, because turnarounds require a full shutdown of all production and output they completely interrupt the facility’s profitability. At the same time the need for new parts and equipment as well as the significant increase in labor and man hours creates an environment of swelling costs. For this reason a turnaround is typically the biggest factor impacting a refinery’s yearly maintenance budget.

STI Group recognizes the need to make turnarounds as productive and cost efficient as possible. Our project management, scheduling, and planning services are designed to keep your turnaround on schedule and on budget. This is accomplished through a system of careful budgeting and cost management strategies as well as frequent, consistent communication of progress updates and any new developments that might occur. We set clear benchmarks and thorough plans at the outset of the project so that results can be easily and effectively evaluated. We also keep meticulous records and reports so that all new information can be incorporated into the next round of decision making.

Decades of Experience

STI Group has been providing industrial services for over 35 years. We have the experience and knowhow it takes to accomplish major, multi-faceted projects for our refining customers. We understand the bigger picture and have the project management and logistical capabilities to consistently deliver outstanding results. We have also accumulated a number of important resources which will be of benefit to our customers, including hundreds of thousands of square feet of fabrication and workspace at multiple national locations. We are also ASME & NBIC certified in recognition of our commitment to excellence in construction and fabrication.

Safety in All Things

Here at STI Group, we emphasize safety in everything that we do. That includes a careful awareness of the worksite and environmental conditions, thorough pre-job safety walkthroughs and site audits, employee drug screening and daily assessments of fitness for duty, and much more. We also provide on-going safety training to our supervisors so that we can stay abreast of all new OSHA regulations while continually improving our safety system.

These services and our overall dedication to outstanding customer service and unwavering integrity make us the best choice for refinery services. We are continuously looking for ways to make ourselves even better and more useful to our refinery customers. This includes embracing new technology and advanced construction and engineering methods as well as constantly innovating so that we will remain relevant in an evolving industrial landscape