Pipe Fabrication

Pipe Fabrication is one of our core capabilities.


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Pipe Fabrication

Pipe Fabrication

Pipe Fabrication is one of our core capabilities at STI Group, making us your preferred industrial pipe fabricators in the region. Our expertise in custom pipe fabrication, combined with our strategic locations in Houston, Beaumont, Port Arthur, and South East Texas, positions us as your preferred choice for all your pipe fabrication needs.

We specialize in fabricating carbon and alloy piping systems, and we’re known for our pipe spool fabrication and pipe spooling services. We have the consistent ability to produce 3,500+ pipe spools monthly, including fabricated pipe spools and prefabricated pipe spools.

Our projects consist of large capital projects with thousands of spools, as well as routine maintenance and one spool orders. Our pipe fabrication shops and fabrication facilities are filled with highly skilled craftsmen, pipefitters, pipe welders, and pipeline fabricators with excellent safety and quality performance records. We offer greater quality, efficiency, and significant cost savings for customers, making us your go-to for pipe fabrication services.

We take great pride in not only meeting, but exceeding our customers’ expectations in all areas, including performance, design, logistics, schedule, delivery, and cost. We are your preferred pipe fabricators.

STI Group is highly qualified to produce piping spools and assemblies for all grades of:

  • carbon steel
  • stainless steel
  • chrome-moly
  • chrome alloys (Including P91)
  • high alloy
  • nickel base alloy
  • hastelloy
  • low temperature
  • duplex grade
  • Aluminum
  • And many other alloy materials

Our pipe sizes range from ½” diameter small bore up to 60” diameter large bore piping spools. Our pipe fabrication shops are equipped with the most modern state of the art welding equipment on the market, enabling us to provide very competitive pricing for our customers. We offer a range of welding processes, including GTAW commonly known as tig welding, GMAW-Short Arc and PULSE known as mig welding, SMAW referred to as shielded metal arc welding, FCAW is known also as flux core welding, SAW is submerged arc welding. These processes are used in our facilities for broad application, diversity, and fabrication efficiency.

Other in-house capabilities

  • IDF file import capable, to expedite the spool drawing process utilizing FlexCad and ACORN.
  • Online spool tracking program.
  • ASME U, S and R Stamps.
  • Bar Coding and electronic spool tracking.
  • Tight material controls.
  • Segregated areas for special alloy fabrication.
  • In house climate controlled paint booth facilities.

Quality Work and Continuous Improvement Methods

Over the years we have established ourselves as a consistent experienced quality performer in the complex area of piping fabrication. This requires a continuous commitment to the evaluation and improvement of our technology, equipment, and quality processes with the goal of maintaining the role as the leader in these industries.

Pride in our work, coupled with a highly trained and capable workforce, yields consistent, high quality, dimensionally exact piping day after day. Our facilities pursue continuous improvement methods utilizing the latest methods and procedures. Our welders are certified through ASME Section IX, the most stringent requirements in the industry. We maintain ASME code welding stamps “U”, “S”, “R”, while undergoing vigorous ASME welding procedure inspections.

Our indoor shop facilities routinely fabricate piping for construction projects all over the nation. Our capabilities include most metallurgy, pipe sizes up to 60″ and all pipe schedules. We fabricate all types of industrial process piping, including: chemical, utility, and sanitary grades. Our pipe fabrication shop space is large enough to produce large volumes of fabricated piping quickly if the customer’s schedule demands it. If your schedule demands 24 hour a day, 7 days a week service, you can find that here with round the clock work shifts deployed. Consistent quality and continuous improvement is what can be expected when you partner with us on all your piping fabrication projects.

Quality Control

STI Group is committed to providing the best quality of services and customer relations to all of our clients and customers using continuous improvement methods, procedures, and policies.

All of our shop fabrication goes through a series of checks to ensure dimensional accuracy, completeness, weld quality, and conformance to the design and specifications. The finished product then undergoes testing as specified by the customer. Typical tests utilized in our shop include: x-ray, dye-penetrant checks, hydrostatic and pneumatic testing. Our pipe fabrication facility has a dedicated bulk gas distribution system that ensures consistent quality for every weld. Our automated state of the art welding equipment ensures the highest quality of welds that meet and exceed the strictest of code requirements. We assemble complete inspection test plans, test packages at the onset and completion of the project for review and acceptance by the owner.

We employ and keep on staff experienced qualified certified inspectors to ensure quality standards, procedures, and policies are adhered to on all of our projects per contractual requirements. Inspectors are certified to AWS and ASNT. STI Group-Fabrication has an extensive QA/QC program that encompasses all areas of our shop and field services including maintenance, construction, and pipe fabrication. We are continually upgrading and improving our programs to ensure we can provide “value added” to all our customers. Our fabrication facilities have been audited by most nationally recognized firms and we proudly display our certifications of compliance.

Internal procedures include developing specific QC manuals available to all sites and employees involved in the Quality Control Program. Our manuals include an extensive description of policy and authority, organization, duties and responsibilities, code stamp control, document control, testing requirements, calibration, record retention, and inspection. Simply stated, we are quality-minded piping fabricators who care about our customer and their specific requirements and needs.