For over 35 years STI Group has been servicing America’s energy sector. Much of our work has been in the oil and gas industry where we have accumulated a vast amount of experience, knowledge, and resources.



For over 35 years STI Group has been servicing America’s energy sector. Much of our work has been in the oil and gas industry where we have accumulated a vast amount of experience, knowledge, and resources. This has allowed us to pivot into a very important segment of the industry which is quickly rising in demand: gas-to-liquids.

What Are Gas-to-Liquids?

The term “gas-to-liquids” refers to the conversion of natural gas into premium liquid hydrocarbons. These liquid hydrocarbons can then be used in lubricant base oils or fuel. For example if they are blended with lower quality fuels, these liquid hydrocarbons can be used as diesel fuels while being in compliance with environmental and performance specifications.

Why Are Gas-to-Liquids Facilities Important?

The high quality liquid hydrocarbons of gas-to-liquids are converted in specially designed facilities where the process can be done safely and efficiently. The need for these facilities is rapidly increasing as the demand for gas-to-liquids also increases due to the major natural gas expansion the nation is experiencing.

How STI Group Serves the Gas-to-Liquids Industry

STI Group serves the gas-to-liquids industry in several important ways. First, we construct the specialized gas-to-liquids facilities themselves. We also provide high quality fabrication of the equipment and machinery needed at these facilities. Our fabrication process has been carefully developed to deliver a host of benefits including:

  • Efficiency – We have thoroughly streamlined our manufacturing process, optimizing its efficiency.
  • Convenience – We fabricate products to customer specifications and they are quick and easy to install with a minimal amount of disruption to the worksite.
  • Quality – Our facilities and equipment are fabricated and constructed according to the highest level of quality.
  • Quality Control and Quality Assurance – To reach this peak quality level we have developed a thorough system of quality control and quality assurance. Nothing but the best goods and products leave our facilities.
  • Safety – We never compromise on safety and strive for safety excellence on every project.
  • Speed – Our efficient approach to fabrication and construction allows us to deliver results quickly and on schedule.
  • Economical – These advantages all combine to lower costs and keep them down, saving our gas-to-liquids customers money.

STI Group also serves the gas-to-liquids industry with our maintenance and service options. We want to keep our customers’ equipment functioning at the highest level possible. When more significant maintenance and upgrades are called for, such as during a turnaround, STI Group is also on hand to offer:

  • Scheduling and Planning Services
  • Project Management
  • Budgeting and Cost Monitoring Services
  • Strong Communication and Leadership
  • Experienced Craftsmen, Welders, and Laborers

STI Group Brings Safety and Excellence to Gas-to-Liquids Facilities

STI Group delivers these services with an unwavering commitment to safety and excellence. These values are at the core of operations and we have built our business around them. Our safety practices are designed to prevent hazards before they arise and safely handle the unavoidable situations with risk. Having our welders and craftsmen NCCER certified and providing craft testing not only allows us to construct safer gas-to-liquids facilities and plants, it also helps us deliver better overall quality. We have earned ASME’s “U” and “S” stamps in recognition of our commitment to the highest standards of construction and engineering.

STI Group’s In-Depth Knowledge and Experience in the Gas-to-Liquids Sector

STI Group’s background in industrial services, particularly for the oil and gas industry has allowed us to develop an in-depth knowledge of the sector as a whole, from the first stages of the upstream sector, through transport in the midstream sector, and into precisely the type of specialized processing that gas-to-liquid facilities perform which is characteristic of the downstream sector. This experience has also allowed us to cultivate important resources, which benefit our gas-to-liquid customers. These resources include state-of-the-art fabrication facilities, highly trained, dedicated personnel, a close working relationship with suppliers and vendors, and innovative tools and solutions designed to produce unparalleled results in the gas-to-liquids industry.