Field Construction

Civil Capabilities

STI Group is an experienced service provider of civil construction projects.


Project Execution


Uncompromising safety

Field Construction

Civil Capabilities

STI Group is an experienced service provider of civil construction projects. Our civil services are designed to handle all preliminary aspects of site preparation allowing for subsequent phases of construction. Our experience, broad scope of knowledge, dedication to service and quality, and unwavering emphasis on safety will get the project off to the right start.

Civil Construction

  • Surveying
  • Clearing, cleaning and de-mucking Ponds/Ditches and Culverts
  • Site Improvement/Site Preparation, Clearing & Grubbing
  • Slope Protection and Slope Stabilization
  • Excavation and Shaping of Ditches and Containment Ponds and Settlement Basins
  • Storm Drain and Raw Water Systems
  • Corrugated Metal Pipe (CMP)
  • Reinforced Concrete Pipe (RCP)
  • HDPE Corrugated Plastic Pipe (CPP)
  • Sub-Grade Preparation and Soil Stabilization
  • Site Rough Grading and Finish Grading
  • General and Structural Site Fill and Compaction
  • Heavy Haul Roads and Other Temporary Construction Access
  • Permanent Plant Road Construction and Maintenance
  • Material Storage and Handling Areas
  • Structural Excavation
  • Pre-Cast Concrete Structures
  • Shoring & Deep Excavation
  • HDPE Piping Systems (Fusion Welded Pipe)
  • HDPE Firewater, Raw Water, Cooling Water Systems
  • Cast in Place Concrete
  • Area Paving and Slab on Grade
  • Tank Foundations and Ringwalls
  • Concrete Sumps and Intake/Discharge Structures
  • Concrete Trenches and Trenwa Trench Systems
  • Drilled Footings/Caissons
  • Straight Shaft and Bell Footings
  • Dry Hole Drilling, Slurry Drilling, Casings (Temporary and Permanent)
  • Up to 84″ Diameter and 80′ Deep
  • Pile Caps/Footers/Piers/Pedestals/Pump Foundations
  • Structural Concrete Columns/Elevated Decks and Elevated Structures
  • Compressor Structures and Decks
  • Containment Structures/Cooling Tower Basins
  • Clarifier Tanks and Water Treatment Structures
  • Equipment Foundations & Other Complex Foundations

Detailed Surveying Techniques

At STI Group, we harness cutting-edge tools and advanced technologies to deliver unparalleled surveying services. Precision in surveying is paramount, laying the foundation for successful project execution. Our meticulous approach ensures accurate data collection, paving the way for infrastructural excellence.

Pond & Ditch Management

Our expertise extends to comprehensive pond and ditch management. We employ environmentally-conscious methods for clearing, cleaning, and de-mucking, ensuring both safety and sustainability. Trust STI Group for efficient water flow and optimal land utilization.

Site Preparation Excellence

Every successful construction project begins with impeccable site preparation. At STI Group, we emphasize site improvement, thorough clearing, and grubbing, setting the stage for seamless construction phases. Our groundwork ensures stability and longevity.

Slope & Terrain Management

Terrain challenges? We’ve got you covered. Our slope protection and stabilization techniques are designed to prevent landslides and ensure structural integrity. With STI Group, you’re investing in safety and durability.

Water Management Systems

Water management is at the heart of many civil projects. We specialize in designing robust storm drains and raw water systems, utilizing materials like CMP, RCP, and HDPE CPP. With STI Group, expect efficient water flow and sustainable solutions.

Groundwork & Grading

Laying a solid foundation is crucial. Our sub-grade preparation, soil stabilization, and grading services ensure your project stands on firm ground. With state-of-the-art technology, we guarantee precision and quality.

Infrastructure & Access

Smooth project execution demands impeccable infrastructure. From heavy haul roads to permanent plant road construction, we ensure unhindered access and durability. Trust STI Group for infrastructure that stands the test of time.

Structural Expertise

Complex challenges demand expert solutions. Our structural excavation, shoring, and deep excavation services tackle the most intricate projects. With STI Group, you’re investing in structural brilliance and unmatched expertise.

Piping & Water Systems

Water systems are our forte. From HDPE piping systems to diverse water channels like firewater and cooling water systems, we offer holistic solutions. With STI Group, expect efficiency, sustainability, and excellence.

Concrete & Foundation Mastery

Concrete solutions that stand tall. From area paving to complex foundation constructions, our services are marked by precision and durability. Dive into a world of concrete excellence with STI Group.

Specialized Structures

Specialized projects demand specialized expertise. Whether it’s compressor decks, containment structures, or clarifier tanks, we bring unmatched skill to the table. With STI Group, every structure is a testament to quality and innovation.