The Oil & Gas Industry is seeing an exponentially increasing demand for drilling rigs due to a major increase in oil and gas.



The Oil & Gas Industry is seeing an exponentially increasing demand for drilling rigs due to a major increase in oil and gas production and recovery with new technology and drilling methods. Shale formations have been proven to supply an abundance of oil and gas in regions and depths that were previously thought to have been tapped out. STI Group has risen to this production challenge. For over 35 years we have been servicing America’s energy industry. We provide major support to the upstream sector of the Oil and Gas Industry with our onshore, land-based drilling rig construction and fabrication services.

Manufacturing of Drilling Rig Equipment

The manufacturing of a new drilling rig requires high quality products coupled with expert craftsmen to meticulously fabricate the thousands of components into a working machine. The process requires the rig itself to be fabricated and assembled offsite and then ultimately delivered and assembled again at the wellsite. STI Group manages the manufacturing timeline with proven benchmarks, rigorous testing and inspection, and quality assurance throughout every step of the process.

Turnkey, Modular Fabrication

STI Group utilizes an industry-leading turnkey, modular fabrication approach to manufacturing and delivering the drilling rig and its parts. This approach enables us to deliver outstanding value and benefits to our customers. These benefits include:

  • Efficiency – The entire process has been carefully streamlined.
  • Speed – Thanks to this efficiency and our experience in the industry STI Group features a fast production time.
  • Economy – We have cut out all the waste in labor, process, and resources allowing us to pass those savings along to our customers.
  • Quality – Our rigs are fabricated using the highest quality products and fabrication methods.
  • Testing – Our quality assurance and testing is implemented at numerous milestones ensuring the drilling rigs adhere to strict standards.
  • Safety – We approach everything we do with a strong emphasis on safety.
  • Convenience – Our turnkey approach allows us to deliver the finished product so that it can be set up quickly and easily, with a minimal amount of wellsite disruption.

State-of-the-Art Fabrication Shops

A major component of our success in the drilling industry fabricating and constructing drilling equipment specifically, is our state-of-the-art fabrication facilities. Our facilities features the most advanced technologies and are staffed by expert craftsmen, welders, and laborers who are committed to excellence. Our craftsmen are NCCER certified and our shops have earned the ASME “U” and “S” stamps in recognition of our dedication to the highest standards of engineering and construction.

STI Group has a very large fabrication capacity. Our fabrication shops feature hundreds of thousands of square feet of around the clock workspace. This allows us to take on drilling rig manufacturing both big and small. Finally, STI Group has a presence in the places where our customers need us. We have multiple shops across the nation with a close proximity to major oil and gas plays.

STI Group Is Experienced in Well-Site Construction

Another important part of what makes us a reliable, high-quality service provider of drilling rig equipment and well-site construction is our long history and rich experience in the upstream sector. We have developed the technical knowledge and expertise it takes to see the big picture and meet our customers’ expectations.

As a company STI Group has also cultivated a strong network of resources and advantages. We have developed a rigorous and thorough training process for our employees and invested in leading fabrication technology. We have also developed a strong working relationship with customers and vendors and put in place a company culture of integrity, customer satisfaction, and leadership. We are ready to harness these resources for your drilling project.