STI Group has over 35 years of experience in the chemical and petrochemical industries.



STI Group has over 35 years of experience in the chemical and petrochemical industries. STI Group is headquartered right in the heart of the one of the nation’s principal locations for industrial chemical projects: the Gulf Coast region of Texas and Louisiana, from Corpus Christi to Lake Charles. Our close proximity to these chemical plants and our focus on serving the industrial sector has allowed us to gain invaluable experience and knowledge.

STI Group Handles EPC for Chemical Projects

STI Group handles EPC on major chemical projects from design to construction. Our excellence in procurement and construction allows us to build and equip the facilities within the chemical industry. We believe that quality construction is the foundation of a successful venture. That is why we staff expert craftsmen and welders who are NCCER certified. STI Group has earned ASME’s “U” and “S” stamps which are awarded only to companies who maintain the highest standards of engineering and construction.

Construction and Fabrication for the Chemical Industry

STI Group is a leader in capital construction and fabrication for the chemical and petrochemical industry. Our construction and fabrication processes include:

  • Expert Assembly
  • Low Production Cost
  • Minimal Worksite Disruption
  • Fast Production Timeline
  • Excellent Reliability
  • Rigorous Quality Testing

STI Group serves as a single point of contact providing routine communication throughout the life cycle of the project from initial scope to final delivery and installation.


We manage the maintenance contracting effort with a keen focus on the profitability of the chemical plant. Our integrated approach makes the communication and decision making process move smoother and at a faster pace providing reduced downtime. Our exemplary safety record speaks for itself with outstanding safe man hours and a history of putting safety first in all of our work.

Turnarounds and Outages at Chemical Plants

A characteristic component of the chemical and industrial industry is the need for routine turnarounds. It is during these times when everything is shut down and more full-scale maintenance and service needs can be met. STI Group is an expert at industrial turnarounds. We will help our customers make these critical, costly, and time-sensitive periods as productive, useful, and low cost as possible. Our turnaround services include:

  • Scheduling and Planning
  • Project Management
  • Clear Communication
  • Unwavering Safety
  • Strong Budgeting and Cost Monitoring
  • Highly Skilled Workers and Craftsmen
  • Onsite Quality Control and Code Oversight

Despite a company’s best maintenance efforts, occasional, unplanned outages may still occur. An outage can cause serious damage to the bottom line because it completely halts operations, lowering profitability while simultaneously incurring greater costs. STI Group has the skills and experience it takes to bring our customers’ facilities back online quickly and effectively after emergency outages.

Strong Industry Knowledge and Emphasis on Safety

A deep understanding of the chemical industry and a chemical plant’s inherent safety risks are a fundamental part of offering outstanding industrial services. STI Group has an amassed a strong working knowledge in the chemical industry and this experience and familiarity with the industry delivers an edge over less experienced competitors.

STI Group proactively reduces hazards and is experienced in safely managing potentially volatile situations. We have the breadth of experience, knowledge, and culture of safety it takes to work in these challenging conditions.

STI Group Bolsters Operational Efficiency for Chemical Plants

A key priority for STI Group is helping its chemical customers increase their overall operational efficiency. We do this with our outstanding procurement and construction of chemical plant facilities as well as with our fabrication, maintenance, and turnaround services. Our ability to innovate coupled with our willingness to embrace new construction and safety methods, and our service oriented mindset makes us leaders in the chemical industry.