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STI Group provides boiler retrofits,modifications, conversions, upgrades, installs and full scope boiler improvements that create efficient boiler reliability.


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Field Construction


STI Group provides boiler retrofits, modifications, conversions, upgrades, boiler installation, and full-scope boiler improvements that create efficient boiler reliability. With increasing boiler system age, the natural result is decreased reliability; that’s a given.

Consequently, a boiler doesn’t perform as well after years of service as it did when first installed. Component retrofits and energy efficiency upgrades can save you considerably because old boilers are less efficient, and there are usually solid economic incentives to consider. In many instances, boiler improvement projects can be completed at a fraction of the cost of new construction.

Retrofitting existing heating system process equipment can sometimes be very complicated. Often, you do not know the amount or type of work that has to be performed until the equipment is shut down and investigated.

There can be internal and external obstacles to overcome, unseen problems that STI Group Boiler has been exposed to before. From these past experiences, we know exactly how to execute our work strategies and methods for your projects.

We know how to do retrofits, and we back this up with safe, cost-effective, and energy-efficient action for our clients. Our years of experience in this type of work will prove that STI Group Boiler will be your only boiler retrofit service provider to call when you need professional, qualified, and on-time productivity.

Older boiler systems often suffer from low efficiency and heat loss, which means higher fuel bills and lower overall performance. We ensure that your boiler room operates at its best by implementing proper maintenance and energy efficiency upgrades, including improvements to the combustion chamber and combustion air systems.

Our retrofitting services can include heating contractor collaboration, cooling system adjustments, hot water system installations, and air conditioning integrations to provide a comprehensive approach. We assess your existing boiler and make necessary updates, such as installing a new control system to regulate outlet temperature and minimize cycling losses.

We specialize in converting natural gas and other fuel types, enhancing higher efficiency through heat exchanger improvements, and carbon monoxide management. We also address excess air issues to optimize heat air and heated air flow, ensuring proper heat is not wasted.

For clients considering a new boiler or smaller unit, we offer guidance on selecting the right boiler type and boiler depending on your specific needs. Whether boiler water management or significant savings through efficient upgrades, our services are designed to help you save energy and money.

We deliver significantly lower energy bills and higher temperature performance by focusing on adequately designed systems and addressing other factors like air, combustion, and burner efficiency. Our boiler replacement and installation expertise ensures that your heating system remains reliable and efficient for years to come.

STI Group Boiler retrofits provide an attractive option for those looking to upgrade their heating and cooling systems with minimal downtime and maximum benefits. Our experience with local utility providers and knowledge of how much heat your system needs allow us to create tailored solutions that meet your requirements. Trust us to transform your boiler room into a model of energy efficiency and reliability.