Biofuels are viewed by many as the fuel source of the future.



Biofuels are viewed by many as the fuel source of the future. This considerable attention and prediction has brought forth a large demand for increased production and technology. Construction of new biofuel facilities and plants are the critical in helping the industry supply the energy for the increasing demand. STI Group has the expertise and experience to manage and deliver biofuel facility construction, fabrication, and maintenance services.

Construction of Biofuel Facilities

The biofuel industry is rapidly expanding as alternative fuel usage is growing. Biofuel facilities must be constructed in a way that is cost effective and that stays within the company’s budget and project timeline. STI Group brings decades of experience and breadth of knowledge in industrial construction.

Turnkey, Modular Fabrication for the Biofuel Industry

STI Group specializes in turnkey, modular fabrication. Our industry-leading approach allows our biofuel customers to reap a number of major benefits. These benefits include:

Lower Cost – Our highly efficient manufacturing process removes waste and needless expense from the project. This allows our biofuel customers to get the most for their money.
Faster Turnaround – STI Group utilizes state-of-the-art facilities and a team of expert craftsmen, welders, and laborers. This allows us to deliver our goods and services on a faster schedule.
Better Quality – STI Group has ASME’s “U” and “S” stamps signifying our commitment to the highest level of engineering and construction standards. Our welders are also NCCER certified.
Enhanced Safety – STI Group seeks safety excellence and has developed a rigorous and thorough approach to safety management.
Unbeatable Convenience – Our hybrid approach of working both onsite and offsite drastically reduces time. This means working to minimize site disruption and coordinate a reliable production schedule.

These benefits are in addition to our routine practice of emphasizing great customer service and clear, frequent

STI Group Understands the Biofuel Sector

Biomass Waste – STI Group understands the logistics and technologies needed to safely handle biomass and other solid waste such as might result from processing forest products.

We also have a broad knowledge of important biofuel processes such as:

  • Cellulosics and Related Biofuels
  • Ethanol Fermentation
  • Thermo Catalytic Conversions
  • Pryolysis
  • Biomass / Cellulose Gasification

Our familiarity with these processes allows us to operate with the bigger picture in mind during our construction of the facilities, and fabrication of the parts, equipment, and systems that will be performing these processes. We tailor our approach to best fit the needs of the specific, unique project.

STI Group Increases Operational Efficiency

One of our main priorities in assisting our biofuel clients is to increase the overall operational efficiency of their processing systems. To do this we provide outstanding construction of the facilities themselves and related framework as well as high performance equipment and machinery. We keep everything running at its peak performance levels with our routine maintenance and service options as well as turnaround and outage services.

Additionally, STI Group is highly experienced in project management, scheduling, and logistics. We can assist our biofuel customers with their specialized or on-going projects and help them increase the overall efficiency of these projects.

Safety in the Biofuel Sector Is Key

We strongly emphasize safety when handling projects and logistics for our biofuel customers because we understand the inherent risks involved in many of their projects and materials. Our top priority is protecting the safety and well-being of all resources, including employees as well as economic resources such as structures and equipment.

Our innovative approach to the construction and fabrication of biofuel facilities and equipment will save our customers money, time, and hassle while allowing them to benefit from our over 35 years of experience. We eagerly embrace new technology and construction methods as they become available, allowing us to remain competitive and innovative in the quickly evolving biofuel industry.