Structural Steel Ladder Fabrication

October 4, 2015

Steel ladders are vital to many industrial operations. They allow workers to easily and safely access all parts of the facility, but they have to be constructed to fit the specific needs of the facility and to meet all safety standards. Thus they are often built to order to ensure maximum utility and function at the particular facility that needs them. Let’s take a look at several main points to consider when it comes to structural steel ladders such as their strength and durability, component parts and options, and industry standards.

Strength and Durability

One of the core requirements of structural steel ladders is that they be strong and durable. They must be able to stand up to often very harsh industrial conditions for years on end. This requires that high grade steel be used in the construction of structural steel ladders and that each and every weld is rigorously tested for quality.

Components to Consider

It isn’t just the height and strength of a ladder that goes into its design. There are a variety of other very important considerations to keep in mind including:

  • Type of ladder, free-standing or portable
  • Tread on the steps
  • The finish of the ladder
  • Handrails and guards
  • Additional accessories that improve safety, such as casters, locking mechanisms, and bumpers
  • Installation

Height and other Dimensions

Obviously the important consideration for structural steel ladders that are built to order is ensuring that they are the correct height and have the right dimensions to fulfill their role. The width of the ladder may vary and the rungs must be carefully designed to be safe and ergonomical.

Industry Standards

Making a steel ladder involves many different parts, from design to installation. Every step along the way involves making sure that all standards are being met. OHSA has lists of regulations for both portable and free-standing ladders that must be meet. There may also be specific industry regulations and requirements that have to be upheld to maintain safety standards.

Deadlines and Project-Specific Considerations

Custom built structural steel ladders also very commonly have fixed project deadlines and other project-specific considerations. Often the ladders must be in place before operations a new facility can commence, or the ladders must be replaced at an existing facility during a brief turnaround window. The ladders may also need to be delivered and installed according to a set schedule. Successfully managing these logistics is a fundamental aspect of custom building structural steel ladders.

STI Group Custom Builds Dependable Structural Steel Ladders

STI Group designs and fabricates custom steel ladders to meet the aspects of the job and all safety regulations. We work closely with our clients to ensure that each ladder we deliver is perfectly suited to the job and that it is delivered on time and on budget. We also perform rigorous quality tests to ensure that every ladder is strong, safe, and durable.