The Advantages of Using Modular Pipe Rack Designs

October 17, 2015

Pipe racks are used in process units in many different industrial settings including petrochemical, chemical, and power plants to name just a few. These types of racks are not your typical storage units. They are used to transfer materials between storage and utility areas. That means that a pipe rack used in a petrochemical setting may store and transfer raw materials such as chemical feedstock, thus fulfilling a very crucial role. This makes it extremely important to ensure that a high quality pipe rack is in place. A great option for pipe racks is a modular design.

A modular pipe rack is designed to integrate smoothly into existing structures and systems and to be ready to go upon delivery with easy setup and installation. There are many advantages of using modular pipe rack designs. Consider the following:

Modular Pipe Racks are Efficient

Modular pipe racks are more efficient than traditional pipe racks because they are easy to design, fabricate, and construct. Typically the design will have already been carefully perfected to offer the best combination of utility and economy, while still allowing modifications to be made as needed to fit the requirements of the particular client or facility. The fabrication process will also have been honed to deliver great quality quickly and cost effectively.

Modular Pipe Racks Are Very Safe

Modular pipe racks are very often also safer than traditional pipe racks. First, they are safe to assemble because there are specialty connections and self-aligning stacking lugs that make them safer to assemble. Also, the design itself is proven and can be trusted. Meanwhile the parts and fabrication process have also been carefully customized to ensure maximum safety.

Modular Pipe Racks Feature Well-Utilized Parts and Structure

Part of the reason that these modular structures can be erected with greater speed and safety is because all extraneous materials have been removed and everything left over is core to their function. For example many modular pipe racks do not need braces. This makes the layout much simpler and helps keep costs and materials down.

Modular Pipe Racks Are Durable and Easy to Maintain

Because there is less structure and often no braces, the maintenance of modular pipe racks is much easier than with the conventional pipe racks. Modular pipe racks are also highly durable and long-lasting.

Modular Pipe Racks Can Be Easily Reconfigured

Not only is maintenance simple with modular pipe racks, but so to is reconfiguring or expanding. When a facility grows it may find that it needs higher pipe rack capacity. Fortunately with modular pipe racks there is typically no need to get a whole new system. Instead they can be easily reconfigured or combined with new units to meet changing needs.

Modular Pipe Racks Offer Reduced Costs

Because modular pipe racks are easier to assemble and use fewer resources they also offer major cost reduction advantages. Field fabrication and on-site welding often get quite expensive, create disruptions to the job site that may inhibit productivity, and can easily result in a project going over budget. By contrast with modular pipe racks the cost itself is lower and is also much easier to accurately estimate and plan for.

Modular Pipe Racks Can Be Produced in Less Time

Not only do they cost less, but modular pipe racks also take less time to fabricate and set up. Because they are fabricated off-site in state-of-the-art fabrication shops the entire process is faster and more efficient. There is also no risk of weather delays or other environmental factors that might otherwise interrupt the fabrication process. This allows modular pipe racks to be built, delivered, and setup much more quickly than conventional pipe racks.

Modular Pipe Racks Are Lighter and Greener

Finally, modular pipe racks are typically lighter and greener than their conventional counterparts. The materials and distribution have been optimized. That means that this type of pipe rack is easier on the environment. Because they last longer and can more easily be reconfigured to remain useful, there is also less waste associated with replacements and upgrades. In a time of heightened awareness of the environment and a growing commitment on the part of companies to be greener, modular pipe racks and other modular designs are helping to address that need.

STI Group Provides Dependable Modular Pipe Racks

Pipe racks are a simple, often overlooked, but very fundamental part of a huge number industrial facilities. STI Group provides dependable modular pipe racks that can be fully customized to meet the particular specs and priorities of our clients. We are committed to providing great fabrication that is safe, efficient, cost and time effective, and that gets the job done.