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Civil Work for Natural Gas Terminals

Natural gas remains a vital source of energy for a multitude of purposes all over the United States. As a result, the processes required to efficiently produce and utilize this resource are more important than ever. These processes will eventually allow natural gas to be used for essential daily tasks, including everything from cooking meals to heating one's home. A major component in the production of natural gas is civil construction, and to this end the STI Group performs civil work for natural gas terminals that makes this invaluable resource available to all.

Establishing a Sound Basis for Natural Gas Terminals

In order to ensure a natural gas terminal functions at peak capacity, civil work must be undertaken to create a sound foundation for the future site. Complex processes like compression of gas and removal of impurities are required to make natural gas suitable for residential use, and these processes are only made possible by effective civil construction. For instance, the area around a prospective terminal must be easily accessible for all personnel. In addition, the foundation of the terminal must be sturdy enough to hold up under even the harshest weather conditions, as well as the expected wear that will occur throughout the duration of production. Civil construction will also be needed to ensure the actual terminal construction occurs according to plan.

Additional Considerations When Creating Natural Gas Terminals

Once the above tasks are completed, there are a number of other factors that must considered to ensure natural gas production stays on schedule. These include: Site Preparation/Improvement – Effectively preparing a site for a future natural gas terminal is an essential part of making certain the terminal functions properly during production. This usually involves removing any existing natural elements, including things like rocks and vegetation. Erosion control methods will also be utilized during excavation, which shores up the site against inclement weather. Stabilization of Subgrade – Making certain that subgrade beneath the site is stable is also extremely important. Sudden movements to the terminal itself can be hazardous to worker safety, while also incurring exorbitant repair costs. Foundation – The depth of the foundation below a terminal is perhaps the most crucial element in its creation. The foundation must be able to withstand the heavy weight of the natural gas terminal, which requires increasingly strong pilings to be driven deep into the earth. Concrete Work – Concrete work factors into virtually every construction project, and performing quality work requires that the construction company in question adheres to all relevant standards. This includes standards set by the American Concrete Institute, as well as ASTM International.

Additional Factors to Constructing Natural Gas Terminals

Because every construction project is bound to contain its own unique challenges, it can be hard to project what exactly civil workers will face when constructing a natural gas terminal. However, these factors are typically present during most construction projects:
  • Contending with environmental conditions present at the chosen site
  • Budget limitations
  • Adhering to local and state regulations and codes
  • Completing all work according to schedule
  • Creating a terminal that can keep up with required production capacity

Quality Civil Construction Requires a Company With Experience

As the above illustrates, creating a well-functioning natural gas terminal requires a great deal of work and planning. To ensure terminals maintain the necessary production capacity, such work must be completed to the best of the civil construction company's ability. This typically entails extensive industry experience. Fortunately, STI Group performs civil work for natural gas terminals that can live up to the rigorous demands of natural gas production. We also have experience in construction matters relating to the natural gas terminal itself, as well as dealing with the expected maintenance issues associated with operating a terminal. These qualities are essential to ensuring site remains a viable entity in the natural gas industry.