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How Modular Pipe Racks Allow For More Project Flexibility

Pipe racks are vital to the functioning of a variety of industrial plants and facilities. In particular construction projects and oil and gas related projects are likely to require pipe racks. However, pipe rack construction can be complicated and costly, depending on the terrain where the pipe rack will be used and the specifications required. One very effective way to make projects more streamlined and flexible is to use a modular pipe rack.

Conventional Pipe Racks

With conventional pipe racks, the components of the pipe rack have to be built and welded on site. This is a long and painstaking process, since builders have to ensure that the rack is adequate to support the weight of the pipes and cables, and at times additional systems as well. Measurements and connections must be precise to assure optimal efficiency once the cables and pipes are in place. This process is not only slow, but potentially prone to delays and subject to errors if any measurements are even a little bit off.

Innovative Use of Modular Pipe Racks

By contrast, modular pipe rack components arrive with precision snap-and-lock connectors already welded on, so that the entire project just needs to be assembled and locked into place – often with ease and relative speed. This eliminates several typical issues that can make a project costly and cumbersome. One of the most important points of a modular rack is that it drastically cuts down on the amount of field welding needed, often eliminating it altogether. This means fewer work hours and improved field safety.

Increased Adaptability

Because modular pipe racks come with a such a variety of connectors, it is easy to adapt to any changes in the initial plans without requiring additional components or reworking. The placement of the connectors makes it simple to assemble the frame in a different configuration than was planned. Further, the connectors enable any future additions or modifications to be performed in a simple, cost effective manner.

No Bracing Necessary

Another advantage of modular pipe racks is that, due to their streamlined design, they do not need bracing for support. With no bracing, construction is faster, and pipe layout is simpler. When modifications or repairs are needed, they are far easier to perform without bracing getting in the way.

Ease of Customization

Standardized specifications and production ensure that all components and accessories of a modular rack are compatible with one another. All connectors are designed to fit all other components, making this system uniquely accommodating to a variety of configurations. The modularized structure makes adding and modifying components simple and efficient, with minimal disruption to ongoing work. Modules can also be assembled in advance and then transported to the field site. Modular pipe racks combine safety and structural stability with flexibility and ease of assembly. Because parts and connectors are standardized across the board, they can be assembled in a wide variety of combinations to produce a highly customized structure without the typical attendant cost and time expenditures. The variety and styles of the connectors and the availability of compatible accessories and additional parts ensure additional flexibility by making changes or additions easy to implement in a non-disruptive fashion. The dramatic reduction in cost and work hours will also positively impact the entirety of the project, leaving more funds and labor available to cope with unexpected circumstances or changes in plans. STI Group provides durable, high quality modular pipe racks that are ideal for increasing project efficiency and flexibility.