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The Importance of Routine Baghouse Inspections

Baghouses began to be used in the industrial sector in the 1970s when high-temperature fabrics were developed for use as a filter in commercial processes. Many power plants, manufacturers, pharmaceutical producers and other industrial and commercial facilities use baghouses to control and limit the emissions of pollutants into the air. Baghouses are extremely effective for this purpose. They collect very fine particles and have a 99 percent collection rating when they are operating at peak performance. However, in order to keep them working their best it is necessary to perform routine baghouse inspections.

What Happens During Baghouse Inspections?

Annual baghouse inspections are often required in order to meet industry standards and regulations. However, depending on the facility, a single once a year inspection may not be enough to ensure that the baghouse is operating at peak performance levels. STI Group can perform baghouse inspections on an as-needed basis. Inspections will generally look for the following:
  • Material buildup in the hopper that clogs or chokes the system
  • Emissions from the exhaust stack
  • Worn out exhaust fan or loose belts
  • A hardened dust cake which indicates a leak somewhere in the collector
  • Leaks and broken seals which let in outside air
  • Inadequate ductwork which makes your baghouse work harder than it needs to
External factors also affect the efficiency of the baghouse. Gas temperatures must also be properly maintained. When the gas temperature gets too hot, it weakens the bags. A drop in pressure changes the airflow rate, which makes the baghouse work much harder. If the gas flow rate isn’t in line with recommended levels, it places a strain on the baghouse equipment, which shortens the life of the bags. STI Group examines all of the factors that affect the working ability of the baghouse, so that clients can plan accordingly.

Routine Baghouse Inspections Are Crucial Aspects of Preventative Maintenance

Routine baghouse inspections are also crucial aspects of good preventative maintenance practices. Being proactive with inspections and repairs before something breaks down keeps the whole facility running more efficiently. That is because a timely inspection can detect a developing problem before it escalates and requires an unplanned outage to resolve. Routine inspections also allow facilities to plan to replace older equipment on the most convenient, appropriate schedule for the business when costs and downtime can be minimized.

New Methods and Technology Can Be Implemented

Making improvements and upgrades to baghouses as new technology becomes available helps ensure complete efficiency and compliance with all local, state, federal, and industry standards. It also helps reduce costs and ensures that the facility operates efficiently.

Regular Baghouse Inspections Aid in Planning Refurbishments

Eventually, a baghouse refurbishment will be necessary. By conducting routine baghouse inspections, clients are able to better plan for refurbishments without disrupting routine production. First, the baghouse inspector will begin planning, staging, and setting up benchmarks. Then, the actual refurbishment will take place. Because there will be a well-developed plan in place, the time the refurbishment process takes will be reduced, as will overall downtime and labor costs. After the refurbishment is complete, the process begins all over again with continued maintenance and monitoring through continued routine inspections.

STI Group Provides Dependable Baghouse Inspections

With more industries moving to stricter air quality and emission standards, routine baghouse inspections simply cannot be ignored. STI Group works closely with clients to ensure that their facilities are completely compliant with all industry standards and regulations and that they are running a safe, clean work environment. In addition to routine baghouse inspections, STI Group can perform full scale baghouse refurbishments as needed.