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How Pipe Rack Modules Allow for Faster Project Completion

Large construction projects that support and help maintain factory piping can be challenging and hard to complete efficiently. One of the major advances in speeding up the process is through the fabrication of modular pipe racks. Modular pipe racks are basically pipe support frameworks that are pre-designed and fabricated off-site in modules. These modules are then transported in separate pieces so that they can be assembled on site. This offers a number of great advantages for completing projects more quickly and efficiently. Consider the following.

Modularization Allows for Parallel Construction

When a new plant or facility is planned, modular pipe racks allows for parallel construction of the units offsite at specialized fabrication facilities while the main site is under construction. This is one of the major ways that modular pipe racks allow for faster project completion. Prior to the development of this modular construction technique, plant construction would need to be at a mature stage to allow for the construction of the pipe racks. This would mean that there would need to be a foundation and the required major structural elements to allow for a crew to come on-site and complete the pipe rack. With modular pipe racks, the major pieces can be produced in a fabrication shop off-site while the foundation and facility are being constructed. After the pipe racks are completed at the factory, they can then be transported to the installation site and assembled.

Modular Pipe Racks Save Time and Aren’t Affected by Weather Delays

Because pipe racks require significant amounts of cutting, molding, and welding, bad weather can significantly affect their on-site construction. With modular pipe racks, weather delays do not impair their construction because advanced fabrication facilities produce the individual components of the pipe rack inside, away from the elements. The majority of the work preparing the components is done at the fabrication facility, and all that is required on the construction site is to assemble and stabilize the components. This is another critical reason that modular pipe racks allow for faster project completion.

Modular Pipe Racks Utilize State-of-the-Art Production Techniques

Advanced technology in the production of modular pipe racks help to make them stronger and more consistent. Shop fabrication welding of joints in modular pipe racks helps to create precision and allows for dependable quality. Precision cutting mechanisms allow for very accurate joints and edges that help create a highly engineered fit. Specially designed assembly stands help to support the module and are reusable. Another great technology in pipe racks that show how modular pipe racks allow for faster project completion is through self-aligned stacking lugs. A unit will be created with a group of these lugs that will line up with other modules and allow for quick, efficient, and strong assembly. Modern modular pipe racks can be constructed with built-in access platforms that make it unnecessary to assemble scaffolding. These platforms can be left in place to allow for easy access to pipes for maintenance and future expansion.

Modular Pipe Racks Reduce Onsite Man-Hour Costs

Because of these advanced technologies, modular pipe racks allow for faster project completion because they can be accurately constructed to fit together strongly on the work site. Instead of having to construct the pipe racks one beam and joint at a time, large fabricated sections can be put together efficiently onsite, reducing the number of man hours required onsite. Modular pipe racks are an important tool in helping speed up construction project completion. They allow for parallel construction, are largely impervious to weather delays, are built and designed with state-of-the-art technology, and reduce on-site man hours. STI Group is pleased to offer high quality modular pipe racks that are completed on-time and on-budget.