Understanding Augercast Piling

December 24, 2015

Driven piles are an integral part of the deep foundation system, but there are certain cases when specialty piling is needed. When the area being built has certain restrictions, or the terrain cannot or should not be dug up due to various complications or concerns, standard types of piling are not appropriate. Fortunately, however, there is a piling type that is well suited to these challenges: augercast piling. There are many reasons why augercast piling is a smart and reliable alternative to the standard practices of driven piles.

Augercast Piling Gets the Job Done

First and foremost, augercast piling is helpful because it allows the job of setting up a strong deep foundation to be completed safely and reliably. When an industrial facility is being built, it needs a high quality deep foundation to support all of the expected weight of the structure. In order to have that support, ground usually has to be dug up and driven piles inserted into the ground. However, as stated above, it is not always possible or preferred for the ground to be dug up and disturbed that way. With augercast piling, digging up the ground is not necessary. Instead, a hollow auger is drilled deep into the ground and then a concrete mixture is poured down the auger. After the concrete has been poured in and hardens, the auger itself is slowly removed. This creates a similar support system to standard driven piles in a simpler and more convenient way.

Augercast Piling Doesn’t Upset Nearby Structures

Since many pieces of equipment are involved with installing driven piles, it can be a concern to nearby structures. The vibrations emanating from certain tools may also pose a risk to subsurface supports, which can jeopardize the integrity of other buildings in the area. However, by utilizing augercast piling, this concern is eliminated. There are fewer pieces of heavy equipment involved with augercast piling, so there is no need to worry if your construction will cause harm to anything else that is nearby. The lack of heavy tools also means that this system is a lot quieter than other forms of pile driving.

Augercast Piling Yields Long-Lasting Results

Driven piles are incredibly durable, so many worry that going with an alternative like augercast piling means that there will not be the same level of structural support. Fortunately, this is not the case. Augercast piling is just as strong as more standardized practices, and have been to shown to last over the years through a wide range of soil and climate fluctuations. Most augercast piles are made up of concrete that has been encased. While the case will slowly wear away over the years, the concrete itself will remain firm and strong.

Augercast Piling Works in Almost Any Setting

Another benefit to using augercast piling is that it is able to be utilized in a range of climates. Some forms of driven piles cannot be installed when the ground conditions are not perfect. Frozen terrain can often put a halt to work until a bit of a thaw is seen. Luckily, with augercast piling, it is very simple to create a system of support within the deep foundation process. The augers that are inserted into the ground are capable of being pushed through frozen ground with ease, allowing the construction of the industrial facility to continue unabated. STI Group provides civil construction and deep foundation work and has experience with a full range of piling, including augercast piling.