How Structural Steel Platforms Optimize Workspaces

December 21, 2015

Space is at a premium in industrial facilities, plants, and warehouses. That is because not only must there be adequate space to place and store everything, but there also cannot be a disruption to workflow or efficiency. Fortunately, just because space is getting tight, does not necessarily mean that the facility will have to expand or renovate; structural steel platforms allow industrial facilities and plants to effectively optimize their workspaces in a quick, easy, safe, and cost efficient way.

The Basics of Structural Steel Platforms

The primary function of steel platforms is to increase usable work or storage space. With proper planning, implementation of these structures adds an average of two to three times the functional space. Whether the facility is adding shelving or work stations, they can effectively add several buildings’ worth of functionality without breaking ground at all. The steel supplements are substantially less expensive than acquiring new land, relocating facilities, granting industrial zoning or erecting entirely new buildings.

Structural Steel Platforms Options

The right structural platform can hold just about anything. These customizable designs enables the structures to hold whatever it needs to store or house and is optimized for cost. With a professional designer, structures can be customized to fit exact space requirements, preventing the rise of expensive building additions. Some common uses for platforms include:

  • Heavy equipment storage
  • Expansive storage shelves for mass quantities
  • Heat intensive work spaces for metalworking
  • Large event platforms, both temporary and permanent
  • Walkable platforming for high shelves where lift equipment is unavailable
  • Grounded work stations for high voltage and high current electricity work
  • Additional meeting room in space confined facilities
  • Lighting, sound and other specialized stage or production equipment suspension

Safe Workspaces with Heavy Duty Structural Steel Platforms

Safety is always a top concern, and can be significantly enhanced with proper planning. If the platforms need to service pedestrian traffic, they can be outfitted with appropriate walking surfaces, guardrails, stairs and any other necessary safety features. Using structural steel means that structural integrity is never in question. The same materials used to construct other heavy duty industrial equipment and components can be applied to shelving or platforming as needed.

Future Expansions Made Easy with Structural Steel Platforms

One of the biggest advantages of structural steel enhancements is their modular design. Because the entire structure is made with bolt-on pieces, no welding is required for assembly. This makes installation substantially faster and more convenient. The modular functionality also makes it easier to expand on structures at a later date. The assemblies can often even be moved to different locations when the need arises.

Whatever the exact purpose, the right set of steel platforms can make industrial space more valuable. STI Group provides high quality, durable structural steel platforms that are fully customizable and built exactly to client specifications. Structural steel platforms allow for rigorous safety, easy expansion, and are packed with great options that meet the ever changing demands for the workplace.