STI Group Constructs Compressor Stations

July 18, 2018

In order to facilitate the transport of natural gas through pipelines, the gas must undergo regular treatment at compressor stations, which are set up at recurring intervals along the pipeline to maintain a constant pressure and to clean and process the natural gas. STI Group provides provides dependable, high quality construction of compressor stations.

Understanding How Compressor Stations Work

Compressor stations are built at regular intervals along a natural gas pipeline and serve as specialized stations designed to ensure that the natural gas in the pipelines are kept at the correct pressure gradient to maintain a safe, steady flow. The main piece of equipment at the compressor station is the compressor unit which is tasked with establishing the correct PSI level for the pipeline. The required PSI of the pipeline will vary depending on the diameter of the pipe, the pipeline’s elevation, and other variable factors; however, typical PSIs often range from about 200 psi to 1,500 psi.

The Types of Compressor Units

The three most common types of compressor units include the following:

Reciprocating Engine Compressors – Reciprocating Engine Compressors use large engines that are fueled by some of the natural gas that is flowing through the pipeline. The engines rotate rotating reciprocating pistons that are housed on the sides of the units and that provide the necessary compression.

Electric Motor Compressors – Electric Motor Compressors feature a motor that spins a centrifuge that in turn creates the compression. Electric motor compressors rely on external electric power supplies to function.

Turbine Compressors – Like Electric Motor Compressors, Turbine Compressors also use centrifugal force to create compression. However, unlike electric motor compressors, turbine compressors utilize turbines that are powered by the natural gas itself.

Other Types of Compressor Station Equipment

A number of other crucial equipment is commonly used at compressor stations to clean and filter the gas and ensure that the compressor unit functions efficiently. Such equipment includes the following:

  • Compressor Skid Modularizations and Housing
  • Filters and Scrubbers
  • Gas Cooling Systems
  • Mufflers
  • Meter and Regulators
  • Launchers and Receivers
  • Separation and Dehydration Facilities

STI Group’s Comprehensive Construction Services for Compressor Stations

STI Group provides a full range of construction services for compressor stations and compressor equipment. From civil construction and site preparation of the new compressor station to complete turnkey fabrication of parts and equipment, STI Group has the expertise and experience to meet or exceed all industry standards. We offer high level customization and work closely with clients to bring their new compressor stations online safely and effectively, on-time and within budget.