Constructing Natural Gas Processing Plants

September 14, 2018

Natural gas is one of the most abundant natural resources in the US. In recent years it has played a crucial role in increasing US energy independence and buoying the US economy. However, before natural gas can be used it must first be processed to remove impurities. Thus natural gas processing plants have sprung up near the major shale plays to perform this vital function. STI Group provides a full range of industrial services for natural gas processing plants. From the construction of the facility itself to the fabrication of parts and the maintenance of the active plant, we are dedicated to providing clients with outstanding value and service.

Effective Construction Begins with a Careful Preliminary Assessment

No two construction projects are completely identical, particularly when it comes to natural gas processing plants which may vary in terms of the capacity and output needed, the technologies employed, and the regional and environmental factors where the plant is to be located. STI Group conducts a thorough preliminary assessment that includes the following:

  • Identify and highlighting potential obstacles
  • Examining resources and opportunities
  • Mitigating risk
  • Planning for logistics management
  • Examining geographic and environmental challenges
  • Conducting comprehensive risk assessment
  • Factoring in the required project timeline
  • Evaluating the projects budgetary constraints
  • Considering the capacity and operational needs of the natural gas processing plants

This preliminary assessments facilitates the formation of a strategy that is tailored to meet the demands of the individual project and client. It also ensures that safety and efficiency are the bedrock of the natural gas processing plant construction project.

Laying the Groundwork with Dependable Civil Work

STI Group also provides dependable civil work in even the most challenging terrains. Effective civil work ensures that the site has been thoroughly prepared for construction and that equipment and materials can be transported and stored effectively. Some key considerations of civil work include the following:

  • Shoring and excavation
  • Foundations
  • Site improvement and preparation
  • Heavy Haul Roads
  • Subgrade Stabilization
  • Concrete work

STI Group is an industry expert at handling the logistics, management, and execution of civil work for industrial projects. We ensure that effective cost control measures are in place to keep the project from going over budget, and we carefully track progress to ensure that all benchmarks are being hit and that the project is on track to meet its timeline.

Quality Construction Sets the Tone for Efficient Operation

Natural gas processing plants should be optimized for efficiency during construction to ensure that the end facilities are able to meet the output and production demands that are required of them. This in turn helps offset the capital costs associated with construction and returns a profit sooner. Best of all, the factors that ensure top quality construction also fall in line with best safety practices and utilize dependable material and state-of-the-art equipment. STI Group’s industrial fabrication services are a great complement to our construction and civil services because having a single, one-source company handling the logistics for all aspects needed to bring the facility online ensures that there are no hiccups or delays caused by miscommunication. Our modular, turnkey approach to fabrication also reduces installation time and disruption at the facility. Once the natural gas processing plant is operational STI Group continues to provide on-going maintenance and repair services. We are committed to servicing America’s energy sector with industry-leading construction, fabrication, and industrial services. Safety and client satisfaction are always our top priorities.