Effective Ways to Customize Industrial Facilities With Structural Steel Fabrication

December 16, 2015

Steel ladders, steel platforms, and steel knock down units can be instrumental to effective industrial operations. These sturdy items can handle the extreme wear and tear of the industry while remaining functional. Workers use these to safely access all parts of an industrial facility and frequently, these pieces of equipment require a customized build to perform effectively.

Customization ensures maximum effectiveness in the designated work environment, leading to optimized production and performance overall. Let’s take a look at some of the many way these structural steel objects can be customized to best fit the needs of the particular facilities where they are required.

Structural Steel Units Regulations and Industry Standards

As with any market sector, governing bodies have established a list of rules and regulations regarding industrial equipment. While these guidelines are designed to increase overall safety in facilities, keeping up with the ever-changing standards can be challenging. OHSA, in particular, is responsible for many of the industry’s accepted regulatory standards for ladders, platforms and known down units. Additionally, particular industries typically have their own sets of industry standards. Fortunately, fabricators are well aware of these regulations and standards and the structural steel units they fabricate are meticulously designed and tested to ensure full compliance.

The Advantages of Structural Steel Fabrication

What is the advantage of customizing steel products? Of course, the obvious answer is that by customizing these structural steel units, clients are able to get exactly what they need. Some of the many benefits of structural steel fabrication include the following:

Simple scalability – Structural steel fabrication allows companies to easily scale the basic design of the unit to fit their own particular size or capacity needs.
Consultation – Customized designs involve working closely with experienced professionals who know all the ins and outs of steel fabrication. That means valuable guidance is available every step of the way.
Comprehensive component selection – Customization gives clients greater choice in both design and implementation. Different components of a design can easily be added or removed to fit the needs and expectations of the particular client.
Broad range of racking systems – Again, one size does not fit all and that applies to racking systems as well. Whether large or small, each company will find a racking system that is ideal for their facility.

Customized Dimensions for Structural Steel Fabrication

If every facility or warehouse is slightly different, it simply doesn’t make sense to make ladders in just standard sizes. For example, if a facility has multiple open stories, they might need a particularly tall or wide-based ladder. Additionally, the rungs need to be carefully designed to maximize safety and ergonomics. Without the proper height and width dimensions, the equipment might not function at the high level of productivity needed.

Customization Elements of Structural Steel Fabrication

There are many individual ways a structural steel unit can be customized, depending on the particular unit and what it will be used for. Customization elements may include the following:

  • Type of ladder, platform or knockdown unit
  • Tread on the steel
  • Steel finish
  • Guards and handrails
  • Casters
  • Locking mechanisms
  • Bumpers
  • Installation needs
  • Additional accessories

Meeting Deadlines with Structural Steel Fabrication

It is common for structural steel units to be ordered for a new facility or as part of a comprehensive renovation. In both cases, it is also likely that there is a fixed deadline for the project and that the structural steel units are needed by a certain time. Even routine upgrades and replacements often have a window in which they are needed to keep productivity from dropping or costs from rising in their absence. Fortunately, structural steel fabrication is a very efficient process that can easily meet client deadlines.

The Durability of Structural Steel Fabrication

Ladders, platforms and knock down unites must be especially sturdy to withstand the demands of shipping and storage facilities. Steel meets these needs and fabrication only serves to make the material even stronger. That’s why every weld and rung is rigorously tested for strength, durability and quality.

Structural Steel Fabrication Is Designed for Rapid Implementation

Another major benefit of structural steel fabrication is that it is designed for rapid implementation with minimal disruption to the jobsite. Units can be quickly and easily assembled and installed and rendered completely operational within a minimal timeframe. This saves companies time, money, and logistical hurdles.

STI Group specializes in customizable steel fabrication including the production of steel ladders, platforms and knock down units. We understand how important it is for every company to have equipment that is specifically designed for ultimate functionality. Every industrial facility, plant, warehouse, or other jobsite is different and structural steel shouldn’t be a one size fits all industry. That’s why we work closely with our clients to provide steel equipment that leads to optimized performance and production.