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The Advantages of Timber Piles

When the time comes to build an industrial facility, there are many important aspects to explore. One of the most important things to consider is the materials that will be used for the deep foundation. A deep foundation requires driven piles to be placed into the ground in order to provide the right support for a building. Driven piles come in a variety of materials, each of which are suited for a different set of conditions. Depending on soil conditions and the nature of the facility, timber piles may be the right choice for the job. Before any decisions are made it is important to consider all the different factors and to consult with industry professionals, like those at STI Group. However, also consider the following key advantages to using timber piles for the deep foundation.

The Right Speed

When compared to driven piles that are made of steel or cement, timber piles have many advantages. Steel and concrete are heavier by nature, which means that they require a great deal of prep in order for them to be properly placed in the ground. Timber piling, on the other hand, is easier to maneuver and install. In addition to the lighter nature of the material, the installation of timber piles does not require a great deal of equipment. The speedy nature of this process can make it both incredible fast as well as extremely successful. Often this will allow for faster overall construction and even save some money in the process.

The Right Price

Since timber piles are able to be put into the ground in a faster manner than driven piles made of other materials, the time spent on construction in reduced. This, in turn, can save money on the cost of construction. It can also help save money in other ways. Of all the different materials available for driven piles, timber is among the cheapest. Since it cannot always be used in the construction of heavier facilities that require the support of more solid materials, timber tends to be much more affordable. While timber piles cannot be used in the construction of all deep foundations, there are some circumstances when they are perfect.

The Right Choice

When the facility being built is lighter in nature, it may not need a great deal of added structural support. In cases such as this, timber piling might be the wisest decision to make. Though it’s crucial to consult with qualified professionals before making a decision, timber piling is often a smart choice when the conditions are right. Another key set of conditions under which timber piling might be the right choice is if the soil is compressive. Timber piles can be combined to create extra length when necessary, and they can provide the perfect amount of support to lighter structures in wet soil without fear of collapse. Thus timber piles can help the facility get the support it needs while also being a fast, economical choice. When you are ready to make decisions about your deep foundation, contact the STI Group. We are happy to oversee the use of timber piling in situations where it is applicable, and we are committed to helping all of our clients get the strongest, most durable deep foundation possible while also considering their timelines and budgetary needs.