Construction of Natural Gas Terminals

August 31, 2015

Natural gas is a preferred alternative fuel for many reasons. It is safe, abundant, and clean burning, but it takes a tremendous amount of effort to harvest and deliver this resource to customers while still maintaining a profitable operational budget. The experts at STI have decades of experience constructing the terminals that service the needs of entire communities. When the STI Group performs construction of natural gas terminals, you can be certain that your company is working with an expert that understands all of the challenges faced by the energy industry.

The Geographic Location

Where the terminal is located is one the most important factors. The terminal must service the needs of the surrounding community without becoming a hazard itself. There should be enough land to support the entire operation, and the property selected must conform to all of the regulatory and zoning restrictions. Peculiarities in the terrain need to be taken into consideration, and the full environmental impacts need to be assessed and mitigated before construction can begin.

The time it takes to build the new facilities will be impacted by the operational limitations presented by the region. The weather and access to the site are the two biggest concerns. In areas where the weather is fair for most of the year, this is less of an issue. For regions that experience dramatic changes in the weather, the labor supply can be heavily influenced by seasonal demand.

A qualified professional can assist you in developing an operational strategy for terrain difficulties, and they will be familiar enough with the environmental regulations and mitigation requirements to move the approval process along.

Project Management

It takes expert project management skills to put all available resources to work efficiently. When the STI Group performs construction of natural gas terminals, the schedule is carefully planned out. Resources left to sit for too long are unproductive. When overused, they become worn out. Equipment breaks and workers suffer from exhaustion. A steady pace with necessary adjustments gets your project finished on time and on budget.

The size of the proposed project makes a big difference in the costs and the time it takes to complete. The bill for the raw materials alone is just the beginning. Some larger projects may require special equipment or workers with highly developed job skills. Controlling the size of the operation from the beginning is essential to keeping your project under budget. An expert with enough experience in the industry can help you to determine if your project is costing you needlessly as a result of over planning.

The Construction Company and Resources

Avoid the temptation to accept the lowest bid for any work you may be considering. You should be confident that any company that works for you will be able to actually perform successfully and consistently. STI group has been servicing the needs of the oil and gas industries since 1978. Through the years, the STI Group has developed the contacts, resources, and specialty skills you need by actually working specifically on natural gas station terminals.

When STI Group performs construction of natural gas terminals, you can be certain that the project is being handled by a professional organization. Carefully navigating all of the pitfalls and dangers of the construction process gets your operations up and running. STI Group provides clear project estimates and tight control on expenses to make construction of the natural gas terminal a success.