An Overview of STI Group’s Services for the Power Generation Industry

May 27, 2016

The demands that the power generation industry must rise to meet on a daily basis in order to reliably supply power for our nation require a host of specialized equipment, machines, and skilled technicians. The industry requires precision fabrication, custom modifications to power plants, and the creation of new power stations, transmission stations, and substations. This in turns gives power generation companies the edge required to meet the world’s increasing demand for accessible and affordable power solutions. Let’s take a look at some of the many services STI Group provides for the power generation industry.

Top Quality Fabrication Gives Companies Better Solutions

STI Group has hundreds of thousands of square feet of fabrication space at multiple strategically placed locations throughout the industrial Gulf Coast. We also have a high quality team of welders, craftsmen and other disciplines dedicated to producing high quality, dependable, precisely engineered components that meet the exacting specifications of the many clients we serve.

Our custom fabrication services also allow power generation companies the flexibility to receive the parts, equipment, and materials that are best suited for their particular operations. This level of customization allows power generation companies to pursue dynamic solutions to the problems distinct to this industry. Rapid turnaround time and technical support help ensure that every order will meet client specifications.

Serving the Needs Particular to Power Generation

Our highly experienced fabrication specialists are capable of producing an extensive range of general and specialty parts and components relevant to the power generation industry. This includes:

  • Ducting and piping
  • Boilers
  • Turbines
  • Lagging
  • Heat exchanges
  • Stacks

Building New Facilities & Expanding Existing Plants

Many existing power plants, transmission stations, substations, and other facilities require upgrading in order to fulfill increasing demands and diverse operational parameters. Upgrading existing facilities is often more economical than constructing entirely new facilities. This option allows power companies to leverage existing assets to their greatest advantage while keeping system downtime and interruption at a minimum.

In some cases, entirely new facilities are required to accommodate changing customer demands, new industry standards, and an increasing variety of operational procedures. New plants built to customer specifications are best able to accommodate the needs affecting each particular client served. Whether for new facility construction or plant expansions and renovations, our power generation clients can count on STI Group for top quality service.

Developing an Improved Approach to Power Generation

STI Group specializes in turnkey modular fabrication, facilities construction, expansions, and specialty fabrication. STI Group also provides industrial maintenance, planning and scheduling, and turnaround services. Companies in the power generation sector can rely on STI Group for superior quality, safety, and value for all these industrial needs.