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A Closer Look at Planning and Scheduling Industrial Services

In industrial settings, there is a strong need for order, organization and planned, well-executed operations. Without these elements, the chances of a serious mistake occurring during the project increases. This can result in any number of negative outcomes including loss of money, divergence from production schedule and even dangerous accidents. Meanwhile scheduling problems can result in labor shortages or overspending as well as other serious logistical issues. Fortunately, STI Group offers comprehensive, dependable planning and scheduling services that can not only prevent these problems but even result in cost savings and productivity gains.

Why Utilize STI Group’s Planning and Scheduling Services?

Many companies prefer to handle their own planning and do their own scheduling; however, if a company does not have a dedicated group to handle the coordination of schedules or if there is a sudden uptick in work that requires more effort to manage, there may be a need for an specialized company like STI Group to come in and assist with facilitating organized, error-free project completion. Letting a reliable outside company handle these areas can be a smart way to head off problems while also relieving the strain on busy managers or other key personnel, which might otherwise interfere with important aspects of their jobs. Even though a company may be able to handle their scheduling most of the time, it can be cost-effective and helpful to hire a specialized company for key projects like industrial turnarounds, expansions, or new installations.

Elements That Are Vital to Effective Planning and Scheduling

Companies that offer planning and scheduling services must be able to create detailed schedules and assist company leadership in maintaining them and keeping them up to date. Forgetting to note seemingly unimportant details of a project or failure to make the necessary changes when a deadline changes can lead to negative consequences. Anything can happen in industrial settings, and companies that offer services related to scheduling and planning should be nimble enough to be able to adjust to frequent changes and also be conscientious enough to remember to keep track of adjustments to a schedule. A plan is not helpful if it does not outline the way to a successful completion of a project. Industrial services companies that offer planning and scheduling services must be able to create detailed plans that outline the entire project, from beginning to end. Additionally, individual plans and schedules will typically need to integrate smoothly into a larger, more encompassing master schedule. Good planning services will also provide an opportunity for on-going evaluation and benchmarks so that success or shortfalls can be tracked and plans and schedules can be adjusted accordingly to compensate. Tracking should be done from the beginning to the end of a plan for an accurate picture of the impact a plan had on the project it was created for.

Why STI Group Is the Best Choice for Planning and Scheduling

As evidenced by the many interlocking parts of successful planning and scheduling, it is no small task to successfully provide these services. Planning and scheduling companies must not only be detail-oriented, but also experienced with the process of crafting and implementing plans and schedules, mindful of what results to track and when to track them, and aware of the difficulties of integrating multiple schedules. STI Group has the experience and expertise necessary to meet all of these requirements. We serve our clients by helping them increase productivity, cut costs, maintain order, and assist in meeting important deadlines and benchmarks.