An Overview Of STI Group’s Core Industrial Services

June 17, 2016

It takes numerous specialists and engineers to manage industrial plants and facilities and keep them running smoothly, efficiently, and safely. Some of these individuals may only be required during special projects or industrial turnarounds when speed and efficiency are of the essence to get the plants back into production as quickly as possible. Other times industrial services are required on a more on-going basis for repairs, maintenance, or other activities. Let’s take a look at some of the core industrial services and what STI Group brings to the table in these areas.

Fabrication Services

STI Group offers reliable turnkey, modular fabrication services. With hundreds of thousands of square feet of fabrication space, numerous fabrication shops, cutting edge technology, and a dedicated labor force we are able to take on fabrication projects both big and small. Here are some of our fabrication services:

  • Vessel/Tank fabrication
  • Piping Fabrication
  • Sheet Metal Fabrication
  • Structural Steel Fabrication
  • CNC Automated Material Fabrication
  • Skid and Modular Fabrication

Maintenance and Construction Services

Another key area of industrial services are maintenance and turnaround services that keep plants and facilities operating at peak levels and construction and expansion projects that create or increase capacity. Our focus is always on safety, quality, and reliability when it comes to these crucial industrial services. We have many years of experience in turnarounds and construction, and our workers, managers, and technicians have cultivated in-depth industry knowledge and specialized skills. Some of our many industrial services in these areas include the following:

  • Maintenance – We have comprehensive services for all maintenance needs
  • Turnarounds – Although time intensive, we offer project management from strategy to implementation for a more successful turnaround
  • Construction – Our team is a single point of contact as a general contractor for major construction projects
  • Project Management – We have strong leadership to provide guidance during a major project
  • Planning and Scheduling – Our team puts together measurable and achievable goals to keep a project on task and within budget
  • Piping and Mechanical – Our project team provides design, fabrication, and installation for piping and mechanical services
  • Structural and Civil – We have turnkey capabilities to provide full service during structural and civil needs
  • Boiler and Heater – Comprehensive services to improve efficiency and update facilities with our dedicated boiler and heater teams.
  • Fabrication – We have services on-site or shop for fabrication needs of the industry
  • Exchangers – Services on-site or shop for new builds, or complete refurbishing (disassembly, shell repairs, tube replacements, tube plugging, cleaning/testing, reassembly).
  • Tower and Vessels – From routine services to installation and repair, we have the team that can manage tower and vessel maintenance tasks to keep the system more efficient and environmentally sound.

What We Do

STI Group has a dedicated team of professionals who provide fabrication, maintenance, and industrial services for multiple industries such as petrochemical, refining, energy, and oil and gas production. We have more than 1700 employees and over 35 years of industry experience in construction, fabrication, and maintenance. We also have a proven record of safety and quality. These qualities make STI Group an industry leader in providing all core industrial services.