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An Overview of STI Group’s Services for the Chemical and Petrochemical Industries

At chemical plants it is crucial for operations to be run at optimal efficiency in order to continually satisfy the needs of chemical customers and to allow the facility to remain productive and profitable. Chemical plant facilities and equipment must be fabricated with the highest degree of quality, durability, and reliability. Likewise, maintenance of the facility must be conducted by highly trained staff experts who can detect and prevent problems before they occur while keeping equipment running safely and efficiently. STI Group is up to the challenges it takes to successfully service chemical and petrochemical facilities. What follows is a closer look at our services for this industry.

Detailed and Up-to-Date Industry Knowledge

In order to offer the absolute best in industrial services, STI Group has developed a wealth of detailed, up-to-date chemical and petrochemical-specific industry knowledge base. We understand the concerns of this industry and the potential safety risks that must be monitored and avoided at any chemical plant. We work closely with clients to ensure that all safety protocols are met.

Construction of New Facilities and Expansion of Existing Facilities

The process of establishing an efficient, productive chemical or petrochemical plant begins with construction of the facility itself. STI Group provides comprehensive EPC services including everything from site preparation and deep foundation work to bringing a new facility online. Likewise, we provide trusted expansion and renovation services that can help increase the capacity or efficiency of existing chemical facilities.

Tried-and-True Industrial Fabrication

By their very nature, chemical and petrochemical plants handle large quantities of potentially volatile, harsh chemicals on a daily basis. Thus it is imperative that the equipment and machinery being used to process these chemicals be top industrial grade. STI Group provides tried-and-true fabrication of industrial equipment for the chemical and petrochemical industries.
  • Rigorous Quality Testing - A highly trained quality control team will perform examinations and testing per client specifications of equipment to ensure it meets quality and safety standards.
  • Excellent Reliability - Extensive experience and unwavering management translates to a reliable process that our industrial clients can count on.
  • High Capacity - STI Group has multiple state-of-the-art fabrication facilities with hundreds of thousands of square feet of fabrication space that is centrally located in the heart of the Gulf Coast industrial region. This allows us meet the capacity demands of our clients, big or small.
  • Fast Production at Minimal Cost - Experience, training, and efficiency allows us to fabricate equipment and materials in a fast, reliable time frame using the most cost-efficient methods while still ensuring that everything produced is top quality.
  • Minimal Worksite Disruption - Our specialized off-site fabrication shops produces quality equipment and materials without interfering with daily operations at the chemical plant. Meanwhile, our turnkey, modular products are designed to be quickly installed with minimal disruption to the worksite.

Reliable Maintenance and Industrial Services

STI Group also provides comprehensive industrial maintenance services for everything from on-going care and servicing of equipment to emergency outage services and full-scale industrial turnarounds. We also provide repairs, upgrades, and retrofits to ensure that equipment is operating at peak performance levels throughout its service life. Other industrial services include:
  • Scheduling and Planning - Before maintenance is even started, a solid plan and a specialized schedule will prepare a team to complete every stage of a project and do so in the timeliest manner.
  • Project Management - Workers themselves should have expert knowledge, but as an added control, a truly specialized team of management professionals will supervise their work every step of the way.
  • Emergency Outage Protocols - Sometimes, maintenance teams will need to fix a surprise outage before too much profitability loss occurs. A skilled and experienced team can bring facilities back online as quickly as possible.

STI Group Proudly Services the Chemical and Petrochemical Industries

At STI Group, we take pride in providing all of the above services and so much more on a consistent, reliable basis. We are headquartered in the Gulf Coast region of Texas, a principal operating location for the petrochemical and chemical sector. Our expertise and industry experience combined with our extensive network of resources and capabilities and our unwavering dedication to quality, value, and service make STI Group the premiere provider of industrial services for the chemical and petrochemical industries.