Your Browser Does Not Support JavaScript. Please Update Your Browser and reload page. Have a nice day! The Benefits of Modular LACT Units

Why Modular LACT Units Are Beneficial

The Lease Automatic Custody Transfer, or LACT unit, is responsible for transferring crude oil from the production site to pipelines and storage facilities. These indispensable units also accurately measure the amount of substance being transported so that each party can receive monetary compensation.

Why Modular Process Skids Benefit LACT Units

LACT units are composed of a multitude of complex and highly fragile pieces of equipment. In order for these pieces to function at their highest capacity, it is necessary that all of the parts work together flawlessly. This need for harmony and balance is the reason that LACT units greatly benefit from modular process skids. These skids are totally integrated, and will ensure that all of your LACT parts are compatible. By increasing efficiency and compatibility these modular LACT units help companies to save time and money; these units are especially cost effective when compared their non-integrated counterparts.

The Essential Parts of a LACT Unit

LACT units derive their efficiency from a network of highly-specialized parts. Some of these parts include:
  • Control Panel - As the name suggests, the control panel gives the operator complete control over the unit.
  • Meter - The meter measures the amount of fluid being pumped through, and the amount of fluid being displaced.
  • Charge Pump - The charge pump and motor supply the LACT unit with energy.
  • Meter Prover Loop - The meter prover loop serves the function of a second meter, and ensures that no leakage occurs during the transporting process.
  • Air Eliminator - The air eliminator removes any excess air and vapor from the fluid, allowing for the most accurate meter readings possible.
  • Valves and Sealings - LACT units also consist of a complicated system of valves and sealings. These parts help to reduce the threat of leakage.

The Benefits of Modular LACT Units

As mentioned above, changing over to fully integrated LACT units will produce many benefits for companies. A few of these benefits include:
  • Quick installation
  • Lower costs
  • Fewer interruptions at your site
  • Full compliance with industry standards
  • Accountability
  • Increased quality control and better testing

Increased Productivity and Decreased Costs

Modular LACT units typically lead to an increased amount of productivity and lower costs compared to non-integrated units. Complete compatibility and integration mean that everything fits together seamlessly and operates at peak performance levels. Meanwhile individual parts and pieces of the LACT unit can still be replaced or repaired as needed. LACT units such as the ones fabricated by STI Group provide oil and gas companies with an effective and technologically-advanced method of precisely estimating oil transportation. This precision ensures that everyone involved in oil transaction pays a fair price and is fully and properly compensated.