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The Jefferson Energy Projects Timeline By STI Group and Jefferson Energy Companies

Crude oil production and demand in the United States is at an all-time high and is predicted to continue experiencing exponential growth. Geographically, Southeast Texas has a strategic advantage to receive, refine and distribute processed oil and gas to the highly concentrated petrochemical industry within the region. However, there are inherent obstacles when transporting crude oil that make delivery of the final product very challenging. Jefferson Energy Companies' innovative distribution solutions are poised to make the difficult logistics a much more fluent process.

The Jefferson Energy Companies' Intermodal Distribution

The overall vision of the Jefferson Energy Companies is to provide effective delivery of crude oil to refineries and end-users with limited pipeline access. The distribution will be accomplished by rail, water and pipeline. While the comprehensive business plan includes four projects at four different locations, the first of the four has already begun construction at the Port of Beaumont.

The Jefferson Transload Railport

This 250 acre tract of land strategically sits in a location that has direct access to major thoroughfares such as the highway, the Port of Beaumont's waterway (the 4th largest port in terms of total trade volume in the United States) and an operating railway. The site is only 18 miles from the Intracoastal Waterway and 40 miles from the Gulf of Mexico. This portion of the planned development is known as the Jefferson Transload Railport. The state-of-the-art facility will be able to service large petrochemical plants with the ability of unloading up to 300,000 barrels of crude per day. The on-site storage capacity is capable of holding approximately 2,000,000 barrels. The railroad capability includes ladder tracks to accommodate 120 manifest and out-of-service cars. For marine distribution, the site also features a deep water dock and one inland river barge dock. The final piece of seamless distribution is the network of pipelines that are connected from the terminal to major regional petrochemical refineries.

Additional Jefferson Energy Projects

As impressive and significant as this portion of the Jefferson Energy Projects is, the Jefferson Transload Railport is just the beginning of the overall vision. It will serve as the foundation for future development including the Jefferson Gas Processing Plant, the High Island Barge Terminal, and the Jefferson Refinery. These future endeavors are scheduled to run concurrently through 2015 throughout the different phases of construction and actual production of each location. Operations are slated to commence in the next couple of months beginning the day-to-day business aspect of the projects. The processes and systems will be optimized and capacity will be increased to scale up with the needs and demands of operations.

STI Group Awarded Construction Contract

STI Group was selected as the engineering, procurement and construction company for the Jefferson Transload Railport. At the time of this article being published, STI Group recently completed the fast track construction of Phase 1 of the Jefferson Transload Railport Terminal.

Follow The Milestones of The Jefferson Energy Projects

With projects of this magnitude, STI Group and Jefferson Energy Companies have created The Jefferson Energy Projects Timeline to deliver the progress as it happens. Stay tuned as STI Group will be chronicling these milestones as they unfold in a joint marketing effort with the Jefferson Energy Companies to keep the public apprised of the progressive energy growth our area is experiencing.