STI Group Attending Power Generation Week

November 11, 2013

STI Group will be attending this year’s landmark 25th annual Power-Gen Conference. The event will be held in Orlando, Florida at the Orange County Convention Center from November 12th through November 14th. The yearly Power-Gen Conferences began in Orlando in 1988 and since its inception it has gradually evolved into the largest energy conference in the world with a focus on power generation.

Bigger Than Ever

Power-Gen has released preliminary estimates about this year’s attendance and it going to be huge! In fact this year’s event is expected to be record setting for the conference with more than 22,000 people coming from 75 countries. There will be 1,400 different exhibits which will provide a wealth of education and knowledge to visitors. The event will also serve as a creative ground for new business development and it will provide an incredible opportunity for attendees to network with other professionals in the power generation industry.

Educational Session Tracks

The Power-Gen Conference will boast educational presentations from nearly 200 experts in the energy industry. To maximize efficiency and allow the most number of people to get the biggest benefit possible, the presentations will be conducted in 46 conference sessions which will be broken up into 13 concurrent tracks. The tracks include some of the following:

  • Emissions Control
  • Environmental Issues
  • Fossil Technologies
  • Gas Turbine Technologies
  • Industry Trends / Competitive Power Generation
  • On-Site Power
  • Plant Performance

Power Generation Week

The conference as a whole is being called Power Generation Week. The tagline of the conference is “4 Events. 5 Days. 1 Roof.” This represents the convergence of four distinct entities within the power generation industry:

  • Power-Gen International
  • Nuclear Power International
  • Renewable Energy World Conference & Expo North America
  • Power-Gen Financial Forum

These distinct segments of the industry are coming together for the Power-Gen Conference so that an unprecedented body of expertise, experience, and resources in the power generation industry will all be present together under one roof. This landmark event has significance on a global scale attracting many international attendees from major companies. Power-Gen expects a strong contingent of people from the following sectors:

  • Architects & Engineers
  • Cogenerators & Self-Generators
  • Construction & Maintenance Contractors
  • Fuel Suppliers
  • Maintenance Service Providers
  • Operations Service Providers
  • Procurement & Supply Management
  • Project Developers

Why The Event Matters To STI Group

STI Group’s mission is Servicing America’s Energy. We make it our priority to remain at the forefront of innovation, technology, and industry trends. The Power-Gen Conference will offer us the opportunity to build and enhance connections in the energy generation segment of the industry and will also give us the chance to stay current on many topics which will directly benefit our customers. We are excited for this opportunity and anxious to get the conference kicked off.