STI Group Attending 2014 DUG Permian Basin Conference

May 19, 2014

STI Group will be attending the 2014 DUG Permian Basin Conference which will be held in Forth Worth, Texas at the Fort Worth Convention Center from Tuesday, May 20th through Thursday, May 22nd. The theme of the event is “Powering the Permian Plays” with an exciting exhortation to “Get in the game!” STI Group is looking forward to this conference because we are always looking for ways to expand our presence and offer even more service and value to our customers. Here is an overview of the event.

What Is the DUG Permian Basin Conference?

The DUG Permian Basin Conference is part of the DUG brand which was started in 2006 by Hart Energy and conceptualized as a series of conferences discussing the challenges and opportunities of various petroleum plays. DUG itself is an acronym which stands for “Developing Unconventional Gas” and this is coorelates with DUG’s mission of identifying and developing unconventional natural gas resources.

The 2014 DUG Permian Basin conference will be focusing on the unique opportunities and challenges present in the Permian Basin. This is a crucial task because the Permian Basin already exceeds the Bakken and Eagle Ford in terms of daily production. Specifically the DUG will focus on the following Permian Basin Shale plays:

  • Bone Spring
  • Clearfork
  • Cline
  • Spraberry
  • Wolferry
  • Wolfcamp
  • Yeso

In addition to discussing vital information about the Permian Basin the DUG Permian Basin Conference will also act as an important networking and business event as it will feature a gathering of over 2,400 top professionals in the oil and gas industry. This makes it a must-attend event for companies like STI Group who service shale plays through products and performance.

What Are the Highlights of the DUG Permian Basin?

The DUG Permian Basin will include an array of highlights such as guest speakers, exhibitions, luncheons, and other events. Some of the main highlights will include:

Keynote Luncheon Event – The DUG Permian Basin’s keynote luncheon event will be a lecture from General David Petraeus, a retired four-star general and former Director of the CIA. The general will share first-hand accounts relating to his nearly forty-year career in the United States Army and CIA.

Conference Agenda – The agenda for the DUG Permian Basin Conference is truly outstanding. It will feature world-class educational content about the Permian Basin led and presented by some of the top companies in the industry such as Apache, Anadarko, Pioneer, Endeavor Energy Resources, Approach Resources, and many more.

Midstream Program – The conference will also feature a special half-day midstream program. As production and output in the Permian ramp up the midstream sector has been left scrambling to keep up. This presents a variety of challenges, but also some amazing opportunities for midstream companies.

Exhibitions – One of the core’s of the DUG Permian Basin Conference will be its many exhibitions. There will be over 250 exhibiting companies present and they will be showcasing exciting new products and services related to the Permian Basin and oil and gas industry. There will even be interactive live demos and presentations.

Who Will Be Attending and Speaking at the DUG Permian Basin?

In addition to the over 2,400 oil and gas industry professionals who will be in attendance at the DUG Permian Basin Conference, the event will also include an impressive array of featured guest speakers from top companies. Together these companies control over 5 million lease-hold acres in the Permian, giving them a huge amount of access and a unique perspective on the challenges, opportunities, and resources present in the basin.

The event is also being sponsored by an impressive array of top oil and gas industry companies, giving it still further potential as a networking and contact-building experience. STI Group believes that by attending this event it will provide us with the resources, information, exposure, and contacts needed to reach the next level in the midstream services industry and deliver the benefits and value our customers have come to expect.