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Rain CII Boiler Installation Project




Sulphur, LA


Oil & Gas



STI Group was selected as the contractor to erect a Waste Heat Boiler and all associated equipment at Rain CII in Sulphur, LA. The project included the erection of the Baghouse, Scrubber, all Pumps, Fans, Motors and Ductwork. The work required the construction and installation of over 10,000 ft of piping. With over 2,000 welds, STI Group exceeded expectations and industry standards by needing only one repair. This equated out to a less than a 0.0005% reject ratio.

  • Erection of New Waste Heat HRSG Boiler and interconnecting piping, steel and ductwork.
  • Erection of Dustex Scrubber Bag House and all equipment, steel and duct work.

Our field service teams successfully executed the comprehensive boiler installation project scope with efficiency, quality and safety.

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