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The mast is one of the most integral pieces in a drilling operation. This steel structure keeps the drilling rig connected with the drilling machinery while allowing easier access to the operating equipment. The vast size of these steel structures make the fabrication and delivery process very comprehensive and time intensive. Their popularity and use is growing because of time efficiency and cost savings.

The Need

Aker Solutions, a leading oil and gas products and service provider, needed an extensive drilling rig mast manufactured from the ground up and delivered to the drilling site. With a short timeline and a desire to partner with a manufacturer that can handle all phases of production, delivery and installation…STI Group was awarded the contract.

The STI Group Solution

The overall process for completion included manufacturing and fabricating all components of the mast as well as construction for performance testing. The specifications of the mast included an overall height of 198 Ft and a 21 Ft by 21 Ft footprint. STI Group fully assembles the finished equipment for rigorous testing, only after the fabrication of the mast is stamped and certified. After each component has passed inspection the mast is disassembled and packaged for delivery.

The Results

STI Group worked around the clock to deliver the drilling rig mast before the estimated completion date. With over 26,000 man hours and a highly focused attention to detail, the final product exceeded the client’s expectations.

Project details

  • $2.4 Million Project
  • 21 Ft x 21 Ft Footprint
  • Over 26,000 Man Hours
  • 198 Ft Tall

Providing a turnkey solution from manufacturing to installation has helped the client reduce costs and decrease the standard turnaround window for the mast to be in production.

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This Projects Summary of Stats

21 ft x 21 ft





Man Hours


Feet Tall