Repair and Maintenance

STI Group Boiler Excels in complete Repair & Maintenance of your Boilers, Heaters, and Power Plants.

Our employees are fully trained and highly experienced and  are committed to managing the contracting effort in a way that will increase owner profitability.

We partner with our customers to achieve the long-range goals that are the keys to their long-term success.

Let STI Group Boiler focus on the day to day, while you focus on productivity and reliability

Coded & Qualified for:

Repairing, Maintaining, Constructing, Fabricating, Installations, & Retrofits

Specializing in:

  • All Type Recovery, Bark, Power,
  • Waste Fuel, & UtilityBoilers Repairs
  • Package Boilers, Gas & Liquid Fuel Burners
  • Barking Drums & Conveyors
  • Digesters- Continuous & Batch
  • Boiler Auxiliary Equip
  • Pulverizers, Stokers, Diffusers
  • Evaporators, Paper Machines
  • Caustizing Equipment & Kilns
  • Boiler Casing Repair, Boiler Drum Repair
  • Header Repair, Smelt Spouts, Soot Blowers, Port Rodders, Pressure Vessels,Tanks, Process Piping