How STI Group Services the Three Major Energy Markets: Upstream, Midstream and Downstream

February 14, 2013

STI Group offers a range of high quality, varied services to meet the needs of the three, very diverse, energy markets. Whether it is the rig construction that is key in the Upstream market, the ongoing need for new and better pipelines in the Midstream market, or the maintenance tasks imperative in the Downstream market, we face them head on with proven strategies. Indeed, each energy market presents a different, unique set of challenges to solve and obstacles to overcome. Often new situations come up that are impossible to fully plan for and require fast, dynamic management. However, rather than seeing these situations as hurdles, we think of them as opportunities to exceed expectations and deliver unparalleled results. Here are a few of the products and services we have to offer for each energy market.


Rig Manufacturing

One of the most important requirements to the Upstream energy market customers is the ability to get their rigs commissioned quickly, safely and efficiently. This is key for increasing productivity, saving money, and ensuring the safety of personnel. This is an area in which STI Group excels. We are one of the largest manufacturer of modular, land-based drilling rigs.

The modular nature of these rigs means that they can be assembled into fully functioning, high quality rigs quickly and easily. The fact that we are able to manufacture them at such a fast rate means that drillers don’t lose excessive time waiting for their rigs to be ready. In fact our company works at such a productive rate that we can manufacture about one drilling rig per week. This is a huge undertaking and requires the processing of over 500 tons of steel for each rig. However, that is the kind of results that we are able to consistently produce to meet our upstream clients’ expectations.

Flowback and Testing Equipment

In addition to beginning the cleaning and separation process, the flowback and testing equipment also provides the important function of giving valuable information about the condition of the well itself. This helps in determining the best approach for the oil and natural gas recovery which is essential for smart, efficient operations.

Production Equipment

We provide a complete well site package as a turnkey solution from fabrication to installation. Our modular hookup system can drastically reduce your time and spend by entering and leaving the site faster than industry standards.

This turnkey well site contents package contains:

  • Production Skid
  • Heater Treater Skid
  • Tank Battery
  • A Set of Raceway Skids

Our innovative production equipment is patent-pending and proven in the field through years of rigorous stress testing and improvement.

Modular and Eco-Friendly

Not only does STI Group manufacture this production, flowback and testing equipment but it also does so in a modular and environmentally friendly way. With concern for the environment where the equipment operates, the engineering and design of our modular equipment provides the least invasive footprint. We have multiple value added benefits baked into our design and installation process:

  • rainwater collection to reduce pollutant transfer
  • reduction of overflow with walled design
  • minimal leakage of pollutants
  • comprehensive site reclamation

Our overall goal is to leave a site in the same shape it was in when we first installed our modular equipment. STI Group adheres to strict regulation and routine testing to ensure our work stays within the guidelines of the governing regulatory bodies.


Pipeline Construction

The heart, or perhaps more accurately the arteries and veins of the midstream sector is its network of pipelines. These pipelines provide the means of transporting the crude oil from the upstream market to the processing plants of the Downstream market. Without this essential network of pipelines the industry itself would wither and die. That is why STI Group places such a strong emphasis on the construction of strong, high quality pipelines.

We can construct and install pipelines in the country’s major shale areas such as:

The Marcellus Shale – Located in the Eastern United States and extends through much of the Appalachian Basin.

The Eagle Ford Shale – Located in South Texas.

The Bakken Shale – Located in the Northwestern United States, around Montana and North Dakota.

In addition to these major shale formations covering much of the country, STI Group is easily capable of operating a strong, efficient pipeline network for all major shale plays.

Compressors and Transmission Stations

In order for natural gas to be transported from the well site to storage sites it requires the use of compressors and a network of transmission stations. These compressor and transmission stations are an essential cog in the wheel of production and without them the entire natural gas recovery process would fall apart. Our company fabricates and installs these compressors and constructs the transmission stations for our midstream energy market customers.

Meter Skids

The responsibility and labor involved in the transmission of natural gas doesn’t end with the setup of the compressors and stations. Instead it requires that careful monitoring and adjustments need to be made. This is where meter skids come into play. Meter skids provide a way to measure the material that is flowing through the pipeline and to ensure that everything is operating correctly and effectively.

P.I.G. Launchers and Receivers

P.I.G. in the context of oil industry piping refers to “Pipeline Inspection Gauges.” The function of P.I.G.s is cleaning and maintenance. They work by being inserted into the P.I.G. launcher and then subsequently taken in by the P.I.G. receiver. This system is very effective and provides an excellent way to ensure the integrity and on-going performance of pipelines. We manufacture both P.I.G. Launchers and P.I.G. Receivers.

Oil & Gas Processing Plants

The terminal point of most midstream sector activity is the oil and gas processing plants. It is here that the crude oil or natural gas will be processed and prepared for distribution in the downstream energy market. Thus these plants are the final big stop in the midstream sector and much hinges on their effective operations.

Our company fabricates, installs and constructs these oil and gas processing plants as a service to our clients. In addition to this important installation and setup, we also provide ongoing maintenance of these processing plants. This ensures that not only is everything started in the correct way, it will continue to run smoothly as well.


The downstream energy market consists of a very diverse array of segments, each of which provides a vital function in the oil industry and each of which must not be undervalued. STI Group fabricates, manufactures, constructs, and maintains plants and components for nearly all of them. Some of the major players include the petrochemical, refining, and power generation branches. Each poses a unique set of challenges for us to meet.

One of the main things to understand is the complexities involved with operating and maintaining the varied range of plants found in the Downstream sector, each with their own specialized function. The logistical and operational challenges of running a boiler or heat exchanger are very significant because the pieces of machinery are extremely important and there are many individual parts that could go wrong.

Maintenance and Turnarounds

Another major obstacle in plant performance is the plant’s reliability and productivity. Plants are very complicated, intricate systems and it is imperative that they continue to run smoothly or there could be serious financial and productivity costs, as well as even the potential for physical danger. In order to help maintain these plants STI Group provides service in the areas of maintenance and turnarounds to our customers. Maintenance involves on-going repairs and cleanup that occurs while the plant is still operating. Since the plant is still operational during this time it is essential that work is completed safely, efficiently and correctly.

Turnarounds involve a much more comprehensive round of maintenance and cleanup. There are some things which can only be done while the plant is shut down. Various systems may need to be emptied and flushed out, or parts that would otherwise be moving may need to be checked and replaced. For this reason when a turnaround occurs the plant is completely shut down. This shutdown is very costly from a productivity standpoint and as such the turnaround should be completed as quickly and efficiently as possible to prevent further loss of productivity.

Capital Work

Capital work involves the building of new plants and units. While maintenance and turnarounds are routinely scheduled and can be expected, growth creates the need for new construction. Our assistance to capital work is one of the most important functions that STI Group provides.

There are a lot of logistical and financial concerns involved with capital work, because it requires a significant investment and takes an extensive amount of time to complete. We can help with this project by manufacturing high quality equipment ahead of schedule. One of the best things about opening a new plant is the opportunity to take advantage of advancements in technology and manufacturing capabilities and we can help our customers do just that.

Due to STI Group’s extensive resources, skills, and experience it is able to offer a vertically integrated approach to all three energy markets. Instead of merely providing services and products to one sector, STI Group has the ability to service all phases from extraction to refinement. This vertically integrated approach enables us to fully understand the individual needs at each energy level and create innovative solutions for the industry as a whole.