Hallmarks of Creating Great Deep Foundations

November 18, 2015

Building an industrial facility requires a good deal of careful planning and high quality materials and labor. In order to support the facility, a deep foundation is required. A deep foundation is generally made up of driven piles which extend far into the ground to provide reinforced support and seismic resistance to a structure. Pile driving is a time-tested system that has been proven, not only to work, but to also provide exceptional support for a wide range of industrial buildings. There are many factors that can affect pile driving, and being fully aware of them will go a long way toward ensuring that you get the best deep foundation possible. What follows are the hallmarks of creating great deep foundations for industrial facilities.

The Materials

Driven piles are available in an array of materials. This can range from concrete to wood, and even composites that mix several different materials for a truly unique form of support. Before construction begins it is important to select the most appropriate material for the given project. Different circumstances and environmental factors will warrant different types of driven piles, and there are several kinds of specialty piles out there that can add extra levels of support when necessary. The project’s timeline and budget should also be taken into consideration.

The Equipment

Materials are not the only factor that can make a difference in how the deep foundation turns out. The right equipment can be invaluable to getting the job done in a quick and efficient manner. Pile driving requires a significant amount of equipment but, more importantly, it is crucial that workers be highly skilled with the use of the equipment. A deep foundation must be handled in the proper manner, as a wrong move can be costly or even dangerous. For this reason it is important to select a construction company that is both experienced in deep foundation and civil construction work and that also has access to reliable equipment that is well suited to the job.

The Weight

The weight requirements of the facility are another huge consideration for laying a great deep foundation. Not only will the weight of the building itself have a major impact on the foundation’s needs, but the projected weight that will exist when heavier pieces of equipment and materials are stored within the facility are also crucial to bear in mind. Likewise traffic to and from the facility must be taken into account. By fully understanding the weight requirements of the facility, the construction company will be able to ensure that the deep foundation is more than up the task of supporting the structure.

STI Group is proud to offer industry-leading EPC and civil construction services, which include laying dependable, high quality deep foundations. We will select the appropriate piling material based on the client specifications of the project, carefully consider weight requirements, and use state-of-the-art technology and equipment to ensure that our clients receive outstanding deep foundations for their industrial facilities.