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Building Strong, Reliable Structural Steel Platforms

Anyone who has ever worked in an industrial facility has almost certainly noticed that space is typically at a premium. Between industrial equipment, materials, inventory, and supplies, and the need for open workspace, it is crucial that every foot be put to good use. One extremely effective method of doing this is through the use of structural steel platforms. These platforms can radically improve the amount of accessible space in any given structure to maximize the vertical uses of a building rather than just the horizontal.

What Is a Structural Steel Platform?

These types of platforms are modular structures which extend upwards primarily rather than horizontally. They often included walking surfaces and stairways in order to provide spaces where things can not only be stored easily but also accessed quickly. Being of a modular construction, these platforms are usually constructed in a specialized fabrication facility and then moved and assembled onto the specified site. STI Group provides a range of options for strong, reliable structural steel platforms. These structures are often applied in settings such as the following:
  • Oil Rigs - Off-shore rigs recovering oil usually have enormous horizontal area spaces on which structural platforms can be utilized perfectly to double or even triple the available space.
  • Warehouses - Buildings can only be so big. Using structural steel platforms in a warehouse dramatically increases storage capacity.
  • Construction Sites - Structural steel platforms make it easier to access structures that are higher and provide a secure, reliable workspace.
  • Factories - Different areas of work can be both separated and utilized more fully by the introduction of structural platforms, which can make a world of a difference in providing more functional space.

Why Use a Structural Steel Platform?

Buildings are limited when it comes to only being able to store things on a horizontal dimension, unless shelves and ladder implementations are put into place. Structural steel platforms provide the ability to be able to use vertical spaces as well. They can also be customized to utilize a variety of different platform surfaces depending on the facility and its needs. For example structural steel platforms may include checker plates, open grids, closed grids, chipboard, and corrugated zinc plated metal. These platforms can dramatically increase the amount of usable space without sacrificing any safety and with relatively low investment costs and lead times.

What to Look For When Selecting Structural Steel Platforms

When searching for a suitable structural platform for a given facility, there are many things to consider. Among others, the following three categories are ideas to keep in mind while deciding between one platform and another.


Most fabrication facilities, including STI Group’s, can produce a highly-customized structural steel platform that is designed fully to client specs and needs. This includes providing the walking surface needed, as well as the dimensions and size of the platform itself. Custom structural steel platforms offer many advantages over those mass produced without a particular end user in mind because the extra level of customization ensures that the platform is fully optimized for the facility.

Weight Capacity and Strength

Another major consideration is what the structural steel platform will be used for and what weight and strength capacities will be needed. For example a platform that will be used primarily for moving people from place to place, won’t need nearly as high a weight capacity as one that will be used for industrial storage or to support large equipment.


The durability of the structural steel platform is also crucial since it will directly reflect the overall safety and security of the platform. Durability is also important from the standpoint of cost savings since durable platforms will last longer. This makes it extremely important to be confident that the fabrication company making the platforms is fully qualified and experienced. STI Group provides state-of-the-art industrial fabrication that is fully customized to client specs. We are committed to providing high quality, strong, reliable structural steel platforms that meet the budget and lead times of the project.