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An Overview of STI Group’s Services for the Drilling and Upstream Sector

The creation of drilling rig equipment is an extremely technical process that requires skilled, certified craftsmen and engineers who follow engineering and manufacturing best practices. Companies like STI Group that specialize in this type of work must focus on manufacturing only the best drilling rig equipment that can be relied upon for safe, efficient work in the oil and gas industry. Being an industry leader in providing drilling rig equipment and other upstream services requires considerable experience and a dedication to continual process improvement in order to reach a level of efficiency and quality that is unmatched. In addition to many years of experience, the success of companies that create drilling rig equipment is facilitated by state-of-the-art, sophisticated fabrication shops and innovative approach to manufacturing for the oil and gas industry. All of these elements combine to create high-quality, reliable services like those offered by STI Group. Let’s take a closer look at STI Group’s services for the drilling and upstream sector.

Modern Changes in the Oil & Gas Industry

There have been many changes in modern oil and gas drilling practices that in turn necessitate the need for the highest quality, most dependable drilling rigs and equipment. This can be attributed to the advancement of oil and gas technology, which, in turn has allowed for increased recovery of natural gas and oil. In previous years, the technology was not yet advanced enough to find economically viable sources of these materials, but new discoveries and technological advancements have resulted in methods that find and recover oil and gas in areas that many were assumed to no longer be viable drilling options.

Sophisticated Fabrication Shops

Only the very best facilities could be expected to put out the highly sophisticated oil and gas industry equipment and products. The best companies will only employ experienced and skilled talent and will be large enough to handle drilling rig projects of all sizes. Certifications are a sure sign of quality, and the most skilled workers will possess specific skill set qualifications and certifications. The “S” and “U” stamps from ASME are also a sign that a company is highly adept at their job. STI Group is proud to offer clients equipment and materials that have been fabricated in state-of-the-art facilities by ASME and AWS certified welders and highly qualified skill set craftsmen.

The Benefits of a Turnkey Manufacturing Approach

A turnkey approach to manufacturing delivers the greatest amount of value to the client because it allows drilling equipment companies to be incredibly efficient, fast and economical in their processes. These attributes all ultimately benefit the clients. Even while strictly following client timelines, companies can ensure absolute quality through rigorous testing processes. The end result of these process quality measures is that products are delivered to the client on time and can easily be set up to allow seamless continuation of important drilling work. STI Group’s turnkey approach to manufacturing and fabrication also ensure that there is minimal disruption to the worksite and that installation and setup is fast and efficient.

Why Experience Matters in the Upstream Sector

STI Group’s decades of experience have given us the ability to truly understand the needs of upstream client needs and to dependably and consistently deliver successful results. Our teams include highly qualified welders and craftsmen with the strongest technical knowledge and capabilities and the certification to back that up. Clients can count on us to provide the very best in drilling rig fabrication and construction services. Our extensive network of resources, rigorous testing and quality control, and advanced industrial lean manufacturing processes and technology make us the clear choice for drilling equipment and other upstream industrial services.