A Manufacturing Approach to Fabrication

June 22, 2015

At STI Group we are always looking for ways to bring even better value and quality to our clients. That is particularly true when it comes to our industrial fabrication services which are at the core of our mission to serve America’s energy sector. In accordance with our philosophy of management and leadership we have found it extremely effective to take a manufacturing approach to fabrication.

Why a Manufacturing Approach to Fabrication Is Beneficial

Manufacturing is a highly automated, highly efficient method of producing an item with consistent quality and at a consistent rate. Manufacturing also allows for systematic optimization, thereby gradually improving quality and lowering costs. Every step that is taken in manufacturing is integral to the process as a whole. By applying those same principles of manufacturing to the fabrication process, STI Group is able to bring many of the same benefits to our clients. Consider the following major benefits of taking a manufacturing approach to fabrication.

A Manufacturing Approach to Fabrication Increases Efficiency

One of the primary benefits of manufacturing is that it allows even large, complicated items to be built efficiently. This is possible because everything from the labor, fuel, materials, to the time and sequence of the manufacturing process is carefully optimized for best results. By embracing best manufacturing strategies and tailoring them to fit the needs of industrial fabrication STI Group is able to yield the same kinds of advantages in terms of efficiency. This allows us to meet our clients’ needs in terms of production speed and capacity and ensures that the project stays on schedule.

A Manufacturing Approach to Fabrication Eliminates Waste

Even a tiny amount of waste per unit will add up to very significant waste over time. This is true whether that waste takes the form of duplicated or unnecessary labor, poor fuel efficiency, or lost product and resources. That is why the key to successful manufacturing lies in large part in eliminating all possible waste from the process. STI Group has applied these same values to our fabrication process and in doing so has created extremely lean shops that use only the resources needed to get the job done right.

A Manufacturing Approach to Fabrication Improves Quality

Lean, efficient fabrication shops are ultimately only as good as the equipment that comes out of them. Fortunately, however, a systematic, manufacturing approach to fabrication also allows STI Group to look for ways to improve quality. We have meticulously optimized all stages of the fabrication process for maximum quality and consistency, ensuring that only great, dependable product comes out of our facilities.

A Manufacturing Approach to Fabrication Improves Value

STI Group prides itself on delivering industry-leading fabrication services with unbeatable value. This is made possible in large part by our commitment to our clients. However, it is also possible because we have applied the fundamentals of quality manufacturing to our fabrication services. As the landscape of America’s energy sector continues to grow and evolve our clients can count on STI Group to continue embracing cutting edge technology and resources to deliver nothing but the best fabrication services.