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Why Shop Fabrication Allows Superior Control and Efficiency

Pipe fabrication is typically either done on-site or in specialized fabrication shops. While both different types of approaches have their advantages and disadvantages, shop fabrication offers a number of important benefits in terms of allowing for superior control and efficiency. This often results in a final product that can be produced at a lower cost and even on a faster schedule. Consider the following ways that shop fabrication helps improve the efficiency of the project.

The Weather Won’t Shut You Down

One of the most important advantages of shop fabrication in terms of control is that it is not at the mercy of the weather. Field fabrication is often extremely vulnerable to weather delays. Rain, windstorms, or even extreme temperatures can shut down a field site. In effect you are completely at the mercy of Mother Nature. If you have to transport on unpaved roads from a field site to the job, water may make these roads unusable. The field site may be dangerous for workers because of mud or other unsafe conditions. By contrast a shop fabrication facility is operational year round, no matter what the elements are like outside.

Advanced Technology

Relocating all the necessary equipment and staff to the field is costly. You may not be able to get the most experienced workers and craftsmen to the field. Sending the newest equipment out in the field is also burdensome and could result in damage. By contrast shop fabrication provides a permanent work environment where the best machines and equipment can be used by the most skilled and experienced craftsmen.

The Quality of the Product Improves

In a specialized fabrication shop, quality can be controlled more effectively due to stable resources and reliable working conditions. Piping can also undergo more rigorous quality and safety tests and be replaced or repaired as needed. This ensures that only the best quality piping makes it out into the field. More efficiency and consistency also helps keep the project within budget and on time.

Lower Costs

Shop fabrication keeps productivity and quality high, which in turn can keep costs lower. Producing a larger quantity of pipe in a smaller amount of time because the right equipment is available moves the production timeline along. Greater efficiency also helps reduce labor costs and the manpower needed to get the job done.

More Testing

No matter where the piping is manufactured, it is required to be tested and inspected per client specifications and or national codes and standards. Testing done in a facility creates greater non-destructive examination flow, and can be achieved with greater efficiency than in the field operations. Making corrections on pipe that is non-conformant is easier in the shop, which is another way to save the client money.

Less Worksite Disruption

A jobsite is chaotic enough without adding a field fabrication shop. The additional team of workers and heavy equipment adds to the busyness of the site and increases the risk of accidents or simple delays as multiple teams try to function in a restrictive area. By moving the fabrication off-site everyone - on-site workers and fabricators alike - can better focus on the tasks at hand. STI Group is proud to offer industry-leading shop fabrication. We have hundreds of thousands of square feet of workspace with state-of-the-art equipment and a team of experienced, certified craftsmen and experts. This allows us to take on pipe fabrication jobs both big and small and ensures that our clients are getting nothing but the best product.