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What To Look For In An Industrial Services Company

From the construction of facilities and the modular fabrication of equipment to turnarounds and maintenance...industrial service companies play a crucial role in the industrial landscape. A good industrial service company will save its clients money, deliver high quality products and services, and help the company improve its overall productivity and efficiency. For these reasons, selecting the best industrial services company can be one of the single most important decisions in determining a projects eventual success. To help with that decision we put together the following list of key qualities to look for in an industrial services company.


Industrial service companies fabricate, install, and service equipment such as boilers, production equipment, and pipelines. It is crucial that the construction company rigorously follows all safety protocols, doesn’t cut corners, and doesn't put employees at risk. We have developed 13 Pillars Of Safety which are at the core of our operations to help ensure safety stays at the forefront:
  • Behavioral Based Safety Techniques
  • Environmental Awareness
  • Total Involvement At All Levels of the Organization
  • Pre-Job Safety Walk
  • Job Safety Analysis/Job Hazard Analysis
  • Site Audits
  • Identification of At-Risk Employees
  • NCCER Certification & Craft Testing
  • Drug Screening
  • Safe Plant Worker/New Hire Orientation
  • Approved Vendor List
  • Daily Employee "Fit for Duty" Assessment
  • Continuous Supervisory Safety Training Program


One of the most obvious benchmarks used to evaluate a construction company’s value is based on the quality that it delivers. This will include performing quality testing during the fabrication and construction process, meticulously looking for defects or other problems, and delivering results that you can trust. It is also important that an industrial service company utilize high quality materials and employee a knowledgeable, skilled workforce that has the resources it needs to succeed. STI Group emphasizes quality at every level of our operations. We pride ourselves on delivering goods and services that exceed expectations. We carry multiple certifications and stamps ensuring industry standards are met on every job:
  • ASME "U" and "S" Stamps
  • NBIC "R" Stamp
  • Licensed to apply API Monogram to Specification 4F


The construction company that you use will have access to high level assets such as expensive equipment and machinery, valuable product, and of course the plant itself. It is crucial that the contractor be honest and trustworthy, that they handle these assets with respect and care and that the company never tries to skimp or cut corners at the expense of a job well down. STI Group emphasizes integrity and corporate responsibility in all that we do. We pride ourselves on safety and quality and we always seek to deliver outstanding customer satisfaction. We also deeply value our customers, employees, and suppliers and we strive to treat them with the respect and integrity that they deserve.


The best indicator of future performance is taking a look at past work performance. A track record of success is important, as is having a wealth of experience and knowledge to draw from. This is true both for the company as a whole as well as its individual employees and supervisors. STI Group has over 35 years of experience in the industrial service industry during which time we have steadily grown our experience and expertise. We use NCCER certification & craft testing to ensure that our employees are well trained and highly proficient. We are also ASME certified.


An industrial services company is only as good as good as the resources that it has at its disposal. These resources include everything from an experienced, knowledgeable team as mentioned above, to a well equipped facility, and a reliable network of suppliers and vendors. STI Group has state-of-the-art fabrication facilities with hundreds of thousands of square feet of workspace and growing. We also have locations in the Texas area to better serve the Gulf Coast Region and in Pennsylvania to better serve the Marcellus Shale Region. We have also spent years building relationships with top quality suppliers and vendors.


As the name directly implies a good construction company needs to emphasize excellence in service. This means taking the time to understand the customer’s unique set of needs and concerns and being available every step of the way to assist with issues or capitalize on advantages as they arise. STI Group has a commitment to exemplary service. To better facilitate strong, effective communication we provide our customers with a single point of contact throughout the lifespan of the project. We also design and deliver products as a turnkey manufacturer managing all facets of production. STI Group is a comprehensive, top-tier industrial services company that uses all of the qualities and characteristics above to build a value-based relationship with each one of our customers. We take pride in Servicing America’s Energy and we are continually looking for ways to make our customer experience even better.