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STI Group Receives Safety Award From Texas Mutual

STI Group was honored with an important award on Wednesday, October 29th. We received the highest safety award given by Texas Mutual Insurance Company in recognition for our exemplary workplace safety record. The award was accepted by STI Group Industrial Services President Ronnie Yawn and HSE Manager Gene Pickering at a luncheon held in Beaumont to recognize the winners. Only eight other companies received this award.

Why STI Group Is So Dedicated to Workplace Safety

We view our workers as part of the 2200+ strong STI Group family. It is our conviction that by doing right by our employees...we will all benefit together. Productivity is important, but it can never come at the price of worker endangerment.

STI Group’s Safety Strategy

Outstanding workplace safety such as that recognized by the Texas Mutual Insurance Company award does not happen by accident or even simply from good intentions. Instead it requires a comprehensive and disciplined safety strategy. At STI Group we integrate safety into all levels of the organization and make sure that it is a respected, fundamental part of our company culture. This includes a wide range of safety practices including pre-job walkthroughs, job safety and job hazard analyses, site audits, daily fit-for-duty assessments, and much more.

Safety Is an Every Day Priority

By far one of the most important ways to achieve safety success is to recognize that it isn’t something that is achieved in one day, one month, one quarter, or one year. Rather, it is an on-going priority that must be continually recommitted to. We are proud and honored to have received this safety award from Texas Mutual Insurance Company and we realize that if anything it means that we now need to strive even harder to attain the next level of safety and to keep STI Group a safety leader.