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STI Group Launches New Website

Welcome to STI Group's new home on the web! Take a look around and make yourself comfortable. We just finished kicking the tires and checking under the hood ourselves. After the test drive we think it's finally ready for your eyes. Our first mission with this new website was to make the website easier to navigate for you, our client. Our old website served us well for several years but it was difficult to navigate and updating it was often more of a chore than it should have been. To fix the problem with the site navigation we decided that the new site should allow you to go to any page from any page. We wanted it to be very easy for our clients to interact with us also, so we created several new contact forms that we hope you'll find useful and easy to use. We've also started to integrate more of our social media tools into the website. Switching to a new design, platform, and host was a tough decision to make but in the end, we knew that our viewers would appreciate a cleaner, smoother STI Group website. We hope you like what you see and hope that you'll easily find what you are looking for. As always, we welcome your feedback, comments, and suggestions.