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STI Group Attends 13th Annual Plant Maintenance, Inspection and Engineering Society Expo & Conference

STI Group is pleased to announce that we will be attending the 13th Annual Plant Maintenance, Inspection and Engineering Society Expo and Conference (formerly the ASME Plant Engineering, Inspection and Maintenance Trade Show). The event will be held on Thursday, April 16th in Pasadena Texas at the Pasadena Convention Center. Activities will kick off at 9:30am and will last until 4:30pm. We are excited to be a part of this important yearly event in the industrial sector.

About the PMIES Expo & Conference

The 13th Annual Plant Maintenance, Inspection, and Engineering Society (PMIES) Trade Show is a yearly event that it is focused on creating a communal forum where knowledge and expertise relating to plant maintenance, inspection, and engineering can grow and thrive. The event is overseen and managed by a steering committee that consists of leading engineers from the Ship Channel/Bayport Industries. In accordance with the objective of supporting the engineering and plant maintenance community proceeds from the event will go toward the the local University Scholarship Plant Engineering & Maintenance Fund and PMIES. This is a great opportunity for professionals in the plant maintenance and industrial sector to get together in a collaborative environment that will benefit the entire industry, including the next generation of engineers and maintenance experts.

PMIES Event Activities

The event will begin with a keynote speech entitled “The Energy Race" given by Ryan Sitton, Texas Railroad Commissioner, with a focus on Texas Oil and the Global Markets. After the keynote speech attendees will have the opportunity to listen to a panels on various major industry topics such as:
  • "Engineering Ethics"
  • "Best Practice Methods"
  • "15 Year Performance Study of Reactive Gels and Pastes as a Barrier for CUI at a Coastal Texas Plastics Manufacturing Site"
  • "Engineering Technology for Better Data Analysis Using Robotics and Wireless Data Success"
  • "Predictive Maintenance of a Rupture Disk Device"
  • "Vibration Reduction Through Proper Support"
  • "Leveraging Hott/Rott Gasket Testing Data for Flange Design Validation on Problem Exchangers"
  • "A Common Foundation for Comprehensive Reliability Management"
The event will conclude with a salutatory address given by Earl Crochet of Kinder Morgan Terminals entitled "Oil Bust of 2015 - Deja Vu All Over Again 30 Years Later?"

STI Group’s Involvement in PMIES

STI Group is excited to attend this collaborative industrial event not only because it will be an enlightening, educational experience, but also because it will be an excellent chance for us to locate and engage with talented professionals in the industry from Houston and Pasadena area. Over the coming months STI Group will be ramping up hiring significantly as we expand our presence in the Houston market. We hope to see many potential new hires at this event.