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Maintenance is one of the most fundamental aspects of any industrial plant or facility. It is what keeps the plant running smoothly and efficiently as well as what prevents dangerous or costly accidents from occurring. However, industrial and refinery maintenance can be a very challenging, expensive, and time-consuming undertaking for many companies. We provide efficient, thorough contract maintenance and repairs. We want to help facilitate with all maintenance needs as your service provider of choice.


Project Execution


Uncompromising safety

Field Construction


Full Service

STI Group provides full, comprehensive services for all of your maintenance needs. This integrated approach ensures that nothing is left out, missed, or neglected. It also allows us to develop a better understanding and familiarity with your facility that can be crucial for preventing accidents, fixing problems, and maximizing efficiency.

Single Point Of Contact

Clear communication is a crucial component to any successful project. Our ability to manage each phase of work providing benchmarks and a clear understanding of timeline makes operations run smoothly. This improves the workflow making the process more efficient and creates a better working relationship.

Highly Trained Staff

STI Group utilizes a highly trained staff of employees for all our maintenance jobs. This ensures that they understand the potential risks and conditions at your operating facility and helps reduce the chance of accidents or injuries. It also means that you can rest easy knowing that your maintenance needs are being met by a competent, professional team of workers who care about doing the best job possible.

Outstanding Maintenance

At STI Group, we understand our customers’ goal to develop effective maintenance operations. We are committed to managing the contracting effort in a way that will increase owner profitability and improve safety and working conditions. We are satisfied with providing nothing less than outstanding maintenance services.

Long-Term Relationships

STI Group knows that the best results are the ones that continue to endure and improve year after year. We partner with our customers to help them achieve the long-range goals that are key to their long-term success. We do this by emphasizing excellence in customer service and quality results. STI Group focuses on the day-to-day aspects of maintenance, so that our customers are freed up to handle the production of their facility. Contact us to inquire about a maintenance relationship with the confidence that productivity, reliability, and safety are our hallmarks.