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6 Jun 2019
Constructing Safe and Efficient Ammonia Plants
Ammonia is used in a wide variety of industrial and commercial applications, and it is a key component of a successful and thriving petrochemical sector. It is...
6 Jun 2019
STI Group wins mechanical construction contract for Dow Nederland Expansion
9 Sep 2018
Constructing Natural Gas Processing Plants
1 Jan 2016
5 Strategies for Improving Industrial Turnarounds
1 Jan 2018

High Pressure Pipe Fabrication Services

STI Group provides high pressure pipe fabrication suitable for a full range of industrial applications. From fabrication to installation and maintenance, STI Group has the experience, resources,...
1 Jan 2018

Boiler Construction and Repairs

Industrial boilers are one of the most important pieces of equipment at plants and facilities, where they are used for a full spectrum of industrial applications requiring...
6 Jun 2017

Best Practices for Industrial Welding

Welding is a core part of the industrial fabrication process with the quality and integrity of the finished product directly linked to the quality of the welding...
2 Feb 2017

Improving Output and Quality with Better Maintenance

In the competitive industrial industrial landscape, companies are always striving to increase the quality and output of their products. As a result much attention is often given...
1 Jan 2017

The Importance of a Proactive Approach to Industrial Maintenance

A proactive approach to maintenance involves anticipating and resolving underlying problems that can cause mechanical failure before it can occur. It replaces the reactive model of maintenance...
12 Dec 2016

Key Civil Construction Considerations for Oil and Gas Facilities

Oil and gas facilities play a crucial role in our nation’s economy, provide fuel and electrical power, and create the ingredients for countless petroleum-based products. With such...
10 Oct 2016

Checklist for Boiler Maintenance

Boilers play a crucial role at industrial facilities and it is imperative that they be safely and properly maintained. Routine boiler maintenance can help prevent unplanned shutdowns...
10 Oct 2016

Key Safety and Quality Practices for Industrial Fabrication

Industrial fabrication requires an unwavering commitment to quality and safety. Industrial fabrication companies should thus utilize certain best practices to ensure that these standards are met every...
8 Aug 2016

Why Plants and Refineries Perform Turnarounds

No industrial company looks forward to performing turnarounds, but a turnaround can actually benefit the plant’s operations. Scheduling a non-production period is not ea for any manufacturer,...
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