Modular Process Skids

LACT Units

The precise volume of petroleum and crude oil must be accurately measured before it is brought to trucks, pipelines, or storage tanks. A LACT ( Lease Automatic Custody Transfer) Unit requires a lot of parts in this pipeline pump transfer process. Although there are many parts, the measurement must be conducted as accurate and precise as possible; it is imperative that these components work with each other as seamlessly as possible. Efficiency, modular, accuracy, and reliability are paramount here.

This step is crucial to ensure that each party is accurately compensated and in determining overall volume. LACT units make ideal candidates for fully integrated, modular process skid. Our STI team will deliver it with high quality manufacturing and top-notch accuracy along responsiveness, always backed with our strong customer service.

Fuel Gas Conditioning Systems

To reduce your facility’s downtime and increase efficiency, we will complete a custom gas conditioning system to purify fuel gas so that it can be more efficiently utilized by the gas turbine. Here at STI we will build these systems for a number of applications from polishing gas, to processing rig fuel, or more commonly utilized at compressor gathering points. An effective fuel gas conditioning system is crucial because it prevents damage to the gas turbine, increases the overall efficiency of the system and helps limit or avoid unexpected downtime. Combining the fuel gas conditioning system into an integrated modular process skid offers a number of added benefits in the form of speed, efficiency, cost, and more.

Fuel Gas Pressure Reduction Systems

STI Group is extremely experienced and possess excellent resources and materials in the industry of custom-built, turnkey fuel gas pressure reduction systems. The STI Group provides complete pressure reduction system solutions. These skid mounted packages match the flow of gas through a regulator to the demand for gas placed upon the system, while maintaining the system pressure within certain acceptable limits. We are pleased to be able to pass along this experience and network of resources to our customers, providing them with quick, efficient, cost-effective fuel gas pressure reduction systems. We help minimize field erection time for an overall shorter project delivery schedule

We are able to custom build everything to customer specifications and are always happy to work closely with customers to achieve the best possible fuel gas pressure reduction system for their operations.

Chemical Injection Systems

STI Group is highly experienced in fabricating modular process skids for chemical injection systems. They may function continuously or intermittently, and it can be used in a wide range of settings for many different purposes from well cleaning, corrosion prevention, or improving pipeline flow or oil recovery. Our systems are custom-engineered and custom-built to provide our clients with a fully automated system for supplying any well with the chemicals necessary to keep it flowing. In all of these various settings and purposes it is frequently beneficial to integrate the chemical injection system into a process skid for cost effectiveness, space efficiency, and greater safety to reduce worksite downtime and insure a higher quality.