Safety, Quality, Environment

Pipeline Safety, Quality, Environment | STI Group PipelineCommitment to Safety

STI Group philosophy…safety, quality, and environment are the pillars of our pipeline construction services. We believe that the safety of  our workforce and others that partner with us is of the utmost importance in our day to day operations. STI Group promotes an incident and injury free work environment. With  hard work and dedication of its HSE department along with the continuous support, cooperation and assistance from its management personnel,  STI Group is clearly setting the standard for Pipeline Safety.

Our Safety program includes a comprehensive HSE management systems manual, an employee orientation program and DOT Drug and Alcohol program. The HSE department continuously strives to ensure all federal, state, local, and client requirements are followed on each and every jobsite.

STI Group’s Safety Requirements:

  • Behavioral Based Safety Techniques
  • Environment Awareness – Removing Barriers to Safety
  • Total Involvement – All Levels of the Organization
  • Pre-job Safety Walk
  • Site Audits and Inspections by all levels of Management and Employees
  • Identification of at Risk Employees
  • NCCER Certification & Craft Testing
  • Drug Screening
  • New Employee Orientation
  • Continuous Supervisory Safety Training Program
  • Daily Employee “Fit for Duty” Assessment
  • Approved Vendor List

You demand safe pipeline construction execution?…… Consider these rigid enforced safety requirements above….. STI Group is your safety minded pipeline contractor of choice.

 Commitment to Quality

Quality Service in all directions…Our objective is ever before us to achieve and maintain a high standard of quality in all aspects of our operational processes and to continually satisfy the expectations of our customers in respect of all products and services offered. We ensure that the needs of our customers are clearly understood and met through close liaison at all stages of project involvement.

All work is conducted to the highest professional standards with technical and commercial integrity. We are committed to effective Quality Management at every level within the STI Group. Our quality policy is upheld and supported by management at all levels. Responsibilities and duties are clearly identified and workforce is appropriately trained and enabled to undertake their tasks. Welding processes and welders are qualified to the highest national and international standards.

Quality plans are applied in the management of all projects large and small, and all appropriate documentation is maintained, controlled and archived. Audits and reviews are undertaken to ensure that standards are maintained and opportunities for improvements sought.

As you can see we provide total quality management from conception to completion to commissioning of your project. We are your quality driven  pipeline contractor of choice… STI Group

Commitment to Environment

 When we say total solutions provider,  we mean just that also in our commitment to the environment in which we work. It’s not a catch phrase, it’s a promise from our company to yours. Pipeline companies face lots of obstacles putting construction projects together from acquiring permits, completing design, procuring materials, buying right of way. You need to make sure you’ve chosen a contractor who can successfully complete your project safely and with the least impact on the environment . That requires construction expertise that comes only from experience and commitment to excellence through world class innovations.

There is a certain honor in putting things back like you found them. We take companywide pride in that aspect. During construction naturally the environment is affected, but our goal is to leave things better than we found it.

By partnering with the STI Group of staffed seasoned professionals, you immediately have access to a modern fleet of equipment, employing only operator qualified personnel and mobilizing all state of the art resources required to get the job done right the first time. You have made a choice to not only complete a quality project safely, but to complete the project on time honestly  and with environmental integrity combined with over 30 years of oil and gas experience.

We are your contractor of choice for all environmentally sensitive projects. Your conviction to environment is our promise to you.

Safety, Quality, Environment…Commitment to project integrity and safe environmental practices..STI Group