Oilfield Construction

Compressor Station Construction | STI Group OilfieldSTI Group offers a full range, comprehensive array of services that are designed to benefit all of our oilfield customers. We combine our shop services with our field services as needed to enhance efficiency, save time, and lower cost. We also have the resources and expertise needed in order to perform everything from oil well hookups to the full construction of an entire gas plant.

Superior Customization

We meet our customers on their terms and provide the services that they need. That means that many of our services are aimed at speciality manufacturing or otherwise highly-customized goods and services. We do everything from the speciality manufacturing of entire meter stations, compressor stations, or pump stations, right on down to something as simple as a single separator or piping spools.

Flexible Installation

We also offer a flexible variety of installation options to meet all of our customers’ needs and expectations. We routinely construct and install equipment both above ground and below ground as needed. Put simply we will do whatever it takes to install the equipment you need to process your product.

Fully Integrated

In order for an oilfield to be efficient, it must be fully integrated and carefully planned out. It should feature reliable, quality equipment and structures that work in synergy with each other. STI Group is the perfect company to offer this type of high level integration and quality, because we are a full services company.

We have the background, resources, and experience needed to be your total solutions provider, for everything involving upstream, midstream, and downstream. Because we work on such a large scale, we have the vision and clarity it takes to see the bigger picture and to design systems that function effectively together. Your oilfield is a massive undertaking that is comprised of numerous independent parts. However, at the end of the day, we want to get you up and running with a facility that functions like a well-tuned, unified machine.

Safety Matters

The oil industry is a terrific environment in which to work. It is extremely rewarding and it perfectly suits a massive array of different unique individuals. However, there are also inherent risks that come along with working side by side with heavy equipment and volatile substances. Naturally we can’t remove that risk completely because so much will still depend on safety protocols and responsible operations.

However, what we can do is construct an oilfield that utilizes safe, reliable equipment, piping, and systems. We can deliver solid, well-made structures that are more than up to the challenges of dealing with daily stress factors. We can also scrupulously meet each and every one of the applicable state and federal safety guidelines that are in place in your area. The bottom line is that STI Group is committed to delivering an oilfield that is as safe as possible.

Some specific areas of services provided:

  • Pipelines 2″- 24″ steel, 2″- 6″ fiberglass
  • Right-of-way
  • Surveying
  • Permitting
  • Mapping
  • Well head hook up
  • Oil gathering lines
  • NGL pipelines
  • Main pipelines
  • Produced water pipelines
  • Construction management
  • Modular manufacturing
  • Pipe spool manufacturing
  • Meter stations
  • Compressor stations


  • Pump stations
  • Flow stations
  • Pigging facilities
  • Infrastructure construction
  • Gas plants
  • General maintenance
  • Plant turnarounds
  • Tank construction
  • Heater construction
  • Government fueling facilities
  • Process equipment manufacturing
  • Transfer lines
  • Gas transmission and distribution

Contact us for more information about our oilfield construction services so that we can come up with a customized model that best fits your needs.