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Midstream Sector Services Offered by STI Group

The modern gas and oil transmission and midstream industries make use of increasingly diverse and specialized components, machines, equipment, and other supplies. These are required to sustain existing operations and to advance company interests. Today’s established and emerging midstream companies can prepare for tomorrow with the help of specialized fabrication services, facility upgrade and construction, and many other forms of industrial support. An experienced industrial services company like STI Group with the resources, industry knowledge, and manpower is required to deliver quality components in a time frame that keeps up with the fast paced movement of the industry. Years of experience qualifies us to be an essential professional partner for large and small oil and gas transmission companies alike.

An Integrated Approach to Midstream Industry Concerns

As gas and oil transmission concerns have grown more technically complicated, a new approach to problem-solving is required. Addressing concerns in isolation no longer effectively addresses emerging questions; an integrated approach is required to more adequately frame the problems facing this dynamic industry today and the solutions required to appropriately address them. Transmission facilities, compression stations, pipelines, and other equipment that makes up infrastructure, can be built to accommodate this integrated approach. Quality fabrication conforming to exacting industry standards allow client companies to better manage existing resources while adapting to changing demands. Integrated oil and gas facilities also diversify operations, which allow companies to remain competitive in this fast-paced industry.

Custom Fabrication Addresses New and Existing Needs

STI Group has sophisticated fabrication shops with hundreds of thousands of square feet of fabrication space and a team of highly skilled welders and fabrication technicians. Orders for components necessary to the midstream sector are fulfilled to exact client specifications. Fabrication service options include:
  • Vessels and tanks
  • Piping
  • Skid and modular items
  • Sheet metal
  • Structural steel
  • CNC automated materials
Steel and other high grade industrial materials are utilized to fashion components and parts that are capable of standing up to the environmental and operational demands associated with harsh industrial conditions. Materials selection is an important aspect of custom fabrication and technicians are available to provide support in each stage of the production process.

Quality, Convenience, and Customer Service

The quality of fabricated items, construction components, and other products utilized by the midstream sector has to conform to the highest technical and regulatory standards. There is no room for compromise in these items, so technicians, laborers, and other team members implement best practices for quality assurance at every level of production and delivery. This attention to detail allows us to deliver products that perform reliably and consistently, no matter how many components are ordered. Client convenience is an important aspect of customer service. Multiple high capacity fabrication facilities equipped to handle the fulfillment of large and small orders on a one-time or ongoing basis is a major component of providing the convenience, quality, and dependability that midstream clients need. This network of workshop facilities allows for timelier turnaround schedules and a more responsive provision of customer service.

Partner With an Experienced Fabrication and Construction Service Provider

STI Group has proudly served the oil and gas transmission industry since 1978. By providing exceptional customer service and an unwavering commitment to quality, we help midstream companies achieve optimal results.